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04/15/2010 07:12 AM

Working like crazy

leannechiPosts: 39

I am posting this because i want to monitor how I feel at work. I will try to add to this post daily.

Please join me on your work ventures too Wink

I don't always feel good.

Tuesday was an ok day. I felt alright. Chatty. Not social but chatty. No anxiety that I can remember, or significant enough to remember anyway.

Wednesday was hard.

I had a mini depressive episode in the middle of work. I know that sounds corny, and whiny but I just suddenly felt depressed about being there. I think it was situational.

Intense anxiety in a meeting at the start. My palms sweated like crazy. I felt "labile" I wanted to laugh hysterically when the campaign manager started chuckling.

I practised my 5-5-5's. Breath in for 5 secs, hold for 5 secs, exhale for 5. Followed by five things I feel in my body, and five things I see. This helps ground me when I feel anxious. Picking out 5 things I hear is another cool distraction.

Got crazy bored and tired near the end of the night. talked with coworkers as I left. Took most of my breaks in the quiet room.


04/15/2010 09:42 AM
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That's good that you are monitoring your days. Depressive moods at work can be difficult, maybe something triggered you yesterday. The 5-5-5 you do is a good idea. I'll have to try that sometime. The end of the day can be very, very boring. It is for me to and that causes me to get tired. I hope today is a better day and you don't get any episodes. Take care!!

04/15/2010 10:13 AM
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I have days at work like that all the time. Especially when I am not busy all I hear is the second hand on the clock above my head. It just reminds me that the day is going slow. I feel manic today with nothing to do but just sit here. Maybe I will practice your 5's.

04/15/2010 10:18 AM
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You are obviously always welcome to continue it in this thread but you could also use your diary and even alot of people get alot of use out of tracking their moods using or even On moodtracker I liked it because I could track my moods, drs, meds and it also had a journal like on here. Someone on here had another one but I forget the name I never used it. Good luck, I like your anxiety methods they are similiar to the techniques I use when I didn't want to use meds.

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