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11/22/2009 11:01 PM

Applying for Disability Benefits!!!!

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I applied for SSDI on the 10th of SEpt 09. I wasnt eligible for SSI because my husband had 78 acres.

They say that you can work and still get your disbablity check if your on SSDI and your below a ceritan amount of income and still labled disabled.

Well my husband is selling his 78 acers to his brother for 10,000. When that goes through the SSA said that they will just put me on SSI if I get aproved. And I would get the MEdicaid.

Well Im getting my Assoicates Degree and after I get it the Vocational Rehabitiation program that paid my college will help me find a part time job under 32 hours a week. And she said that I would still be able to get my SSDI.

But if I get approved and they which me over to SSI can I still work and receive my benefits if Im under the allowed income and still be labled disablilted?

I have the 2009 Red Book but its confuseing? I will call my voicational rehabilitaion counslor tomorrow or the next day! Please comment if you can help.


11/23/2009 07:37 AM

You need to speak to an attorney ASAP who handles SSDI and SSI claims. SSI is an income based program. If your husband sells that land for $10k, you may find that you're still nto eligible until he has reasonably spent that 10K. The money part of these programs is really complicated. Also, because you're married, your husband's income may well affect the amount of SSI you can receive. You can receive SSDI and have significant assets, but the same is not true of SSI. Please please please speak to an attorney about this. Every town/city in the country has a legal services program for low income people. Please contact them and get the real scoop.

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11/23/2009 08:14 AM
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Emme is right you should talk to an attorney before you do anything. The social security office can sometimes be a bit tricky and I dont believe they always have their facts straight. They didnt for me and they were deceiving with other people I know of. One person I know of was in a similar situation as you are and wanted to work just part time she thought she could manage it while waiting and they told her if she could that would be fine and at least she would have an extra income while waiting. While they were denying her they said it was based on the fact that she proved to them herself that she COULD work and was not proven to be disabled afterall. So sick! Maybe she wasnt but thats not the point, they shouldnt be doing that to people.

They really do have a work program for when you are already approved on disability and would like to try going back to work again that is not bull, my Mom is on it. You can work and still collect your benefits for awhile to try out working and make sure it all works out before you give it up. That program is for after you already have the benefits though.

Definately talk to the lawyer anyway though about the other stuff, the land and his income. They went by my husbands income which was too high and the type of cars we have which were both Mercedes lol so yeah I def didnt get that one haha I had to wait almost 2 years for the regular benefits, I got a lawyer and I am so glad I did you dont pay them anything unless you get benefits and it comes out of your money. They get 25% but no more than $5200 of your retroactive money. Good Luck!

11/23/2009 10:57 AM
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Im not planning on working right now. I was wanting to work after I got the degree which would be in 2 years. I was wondering if SSI had the same policy of working for a while to see if you could handel it before they took the benefits away.

So Im thinking about the future. They disabliltiy told me that we have to get rid of the money and have proof of it before they whiched me over to SSI if I even get approved.


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