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    im not sure what u could call this???? 3bpdkid10
02/22/2010 07:46 PM
by DinoDarius
    Not Socializing 5DinoDarius
02/22/2010 07:28 PM
by DinoDarius
    jealous of other people with bipolar? 3qualquun
02/17/2010 04:06 AM
by DinoDarius
    Teenager with server bipolar 2jaggychab
02/14/2010 09:01 PM
by DinoDarius
    what do you do? 4alecia92
02/14/2010 07:18 PM
by VampiricAngel
    secret life od a manic depressive 5lauracarmel
02/14/2010 07:12 PM
by VampiricAngel
    Re:16 yr. old son is bipolar and I am too 2bernimasa
02/11/2010 02:26 PM
by DinoDarius
    really depressed, don't want to do anything stupid 4Courttxx3
02/10/2010 07:20 PM
by that1chik
    Ohio 2HannahGrace7104
01/23/2010 01:13 PM
by qualquun
    Mom of BP daughter. I'm scared and exhausted. 21iloveanimals
01/17/2010 07:19 PM
by Courttxx3
    I thought these places were supposed to help. 3Courttxx3
01/13/2010 11:54 AM
by VampiricAngel
    Im really mean to my boyfriend and dont know why 2Courttxx3
01/11/2010 07:52 PM
by owutatangledweb
    BIpolar and proud 0AndrewJames91
01/11/2010 07:05 PM
by AndrewJames91
    how can i accept this stupid illness? 4qualquun
01/08/2010 11:24 AM
by AJMD2b
    good ways forward? 3Jam
01/03/2010 08:13 AM
by owutatangledweb
    Surving the holidays and a new year 3VampiricAngel
12/31/2009 09:12 AM
by qualquun
    For all the teens 0mamajo
12/23/2009 07:39 AM
by mamajo
    Exhausted Mom of BP Teenage Girl 1Johanna2
12/21/2009 10:15 PM
by owutatangledweb
    i need help with friends :( 5bellreavue
12/15/2009 02:57 AM
by redsoxQT13
    Do they ever outgrow this? 2tuppycheeks
12/15/2009 02:48 AM
by redsoxQT13
    hello 5xXNoctisXx
12/07/2009 06:43 PM
by VampiricAngel
    well hello 1babeboi06
12/01/2009 01:02 PM
by VampiricAngel
    Bipolar I Teenage Daughter 1jaggychab
11/16/2009 08:20 PM
by owutatangledweb
    Suicide!!! 1BipolarBeauty18
11/16/2009 06:10 PM
by LAS1991
    Need Help!!! 1BipolarBeauty18
11/15/2009 03:58 PM
by mamajo
    My daughter 5pierce
11/14/2009 10:28 AM
by owutatangledweb
    Struggling with bipolar sypmtoms 1electroultra
11/14/2009 10:13 AM
by owutatangledweb
    I Need someone to be nice to me 3BobDylan41
11/10/2009 06:18 AM
by LAS1991
    Acute Manic Episode in my 15 year old son 3NealR
11/06/2009 04:14 PM
by m1ni
    Hi everyone 3leigh92492
11/06/2009 11:23 AM
by LAS1991
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