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04/25/2009 12:06 AM

Bipolar ---> Swearing

jennywrenPosts: 3162
Senior Member

Some of you may have noticed I do a bit of swearing. I contain myself sometimes.

I have sworn just about all my life (as a kid too). My son believe it or not hates it.

It is my way to get over my emotional mood at the time. Well my exsuse.

Does swearing on occasions go with Bipolar?



04/25/2009 12:08 AM
Posts: 7297
VIP Member

I'm not so sure it does. I know people who don't have bipolar who swear more often than those who do. Since I was brought up with a strong Catholic upbringing since age 5, I don't swear, but I do have a temper. When I'm in the middle of a manic episode, you don't want to cross my path.

04/25/2009 12:15 AM
maMONaPosts: 1168
Senior Member

Shit, i cuss all the

I've debated it, analyzed my behavior, tried to curtail the use of it....

but in the end, I just cuss. i just express myself better that way. lolWink

04/25/2009 01:40 AM

That is my resolution every year is to clean up my potty mouth. When I cuss- it makes me feel powerful. I feel energized and great when I cuss. That is why I can't stop! But I have been using other words to try to avoid cussing. Like I say Coca Cola! on here a lot. Very good question.

04/25/2009 04:24 AM

I could cuss the wallpaper off the walls as my mom would say. Since i'm stable on meds and don't have the mood swings i hardly ever cuss anymore. So they're may be something to the bp and cussing angle.

04/25/2009 04:32 AM
jennywrenPosts: 3162
Senior Member

Phew, glad I am not the only one. Smile

Yeap it does inpower, I never looked at it that way. But indeed it does.

Nope Neondreams swearing was not allowed in my house at all. I was always in trouble because of it.

No matter what the upbringing I was/am a very determined and stubbone kid. Hum, still am a bit.


04/25/2009 04:41 AM
normaPosts: 10109
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I'm an Advocate

Jenny...I cuss a lot, especially at work. It is a conscious effort for me to curb my tongue. I don't know if it is a trait of bipolar or simply the fact that I was raised by a Marine.

I once told my employees that if they caught me saying a swear word I would put a dollar for each time in a bottle. They cheered like they had won the lottery...LOL it made me realize how much I used swear words. Since then I have been careful about it...

04/25/2009 04:43 AM
Posts: 5493
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I used to swear constantly before I met my husband. He has curtailed a lot of it and forbids me to use the phrase g'damn. I still swear more than I should, but it's part of my personality. I've done it my entire life.

Like neon said, you don't want to cross my path when I get mad--unless you've got earplugs in.

04/25/2009 04:51 AM
taurusPosts: 2893
Senior Member

At age 13 I started swearing like a sailor as my Mom says. I've tried to stop, but when I get manic I have no control over my mouth. My husband hates it when I swear but he swears to. I think it's because I'm a girl, it seems weird coming out of a girls mouth. For some reason it's more natural for a man to swear, I don't know why. Besides My husband works in the construction business where every other word is the F word. Most of the time he doesn't swear just when he's really mad like me. Oh yeah, don't cross me either when I'm mad, just stay out of my way and I'm fine.

04/25/2009 06:13 AM
Posts: 236


on occasions? lol. I swear like a sailor, have since I was 11. I can control myself, say, in front of my in-laws, but normally, I drop the F-bomb constantly. Perhaps it's because my dad used it every other sentence when I was growing up?

I think I swear less on the meds, so maybe it is partially a BP thing? The anger, temper, irritability, may feed into one's propensity to use "colorful" language.Tongue

Post edited by: oceanchild, at: 04/25/2009 06:15 AM


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