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09/10/2008 07:38 AM


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Its been a while since I wrote on the forum. I was very discouraged the last time I posted.

You know we all suffer from some malady here, and I find it horrible how there can still be a personal attack on our choices and or ideas from the very people we expect to understand.

What would a person stay in a forum for if everything they say is disected and ragged on. I also don't understand why someone who obviously is NOT bipolar, can have such a big oppinion about something they know nothing of. I am on another forum called Indigo Adults. On that forum, we disagree all the time, but I have never had such personal attacks as I got here. For what ever reason they seem to be more tollerant of differences of oppinion.

Anyway...I wasn't going to post again, but I know I have friends here so I thought maybe they could understand why I haven't.

I hope everyone is doing well...




09/10/2008 07:45 AM
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Hi Patti:

Glad to see you back Smile Hope everything is going well for you.

09/10/2008 08:57 AM
normaPosts: 10109
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thanks for saying hello, Patti...glad you stopped in.

09/10/2008 05:10 PM
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Hi patti - I'm glad you decided to come back and check in! Patti, regarding what you said about personal attacks about your choices & lifestyle; my suggestion to you is: instead ofviewing things as personal attacks, try to thin of them as statements coming from people who may not fully understand. It's your opportunity to posibly educate someone! And if, after you give them the facts, they still disagree with you... brush it off yur shoulder. Not everyone in life will always agree with your choices and you can't let a few negative comments cause you to go running for the hills. If I did that every time I received criticism or was told I was wrong, I'd be living in a cave somewhere by now...

Keep posting & take what's beneficial away from the conversation and leave the rest. That's my 2cents....

09/14/2008 07:58 PM
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It also boggles my mind when I read some posts here, but I ignore them and keep moving on.

I understand why you haven't been here for a while, but the only thing that matters is you are back!!! (((high-five)))


09/15/2008 01:57 AM
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Hi Patti, welcome back, sometimes it helps to try and look at it through someone elses eyes, I re read a lot of times, to make sure I am not taking it the wrong way, and try to insure I see where the other person might be coming from, this way of communication is a hard one to understand as we can't see the other persons expressions and we don't know if maybe their in a bad place right then..

I even get pissed sometimes that it is better for the group and for me that I walk away from the computer for a while, if the postings get on your nerves and it is a topic you started, you are welcome at anytime to contact one of the leaders and have them lock the thread.

Big hugs and welcome back.


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