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05/22/2010 03:40 AM

Are ladybugs good luck?

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You tell me ................

In spring 1995 my wife and i began dating and had the most incredible friendship and romance you can imagine. We had already been friends for about five years so we were very comfortable with each other. Best summer of my life!

In spring 2000, after five years of being deeply in love, we got married. We waited about two and a half years before attempting to have a child. We then spent the next two and a half years trieng to get preagnet to no avail. We did the whole watch her cycles, check for temprature, ok lest do it right now thing. So NOT sexy! We were very disappointed to say the least when we could not make it happen. We both desperatly wanted a child. We had all but given up. Finally we stoped watching cycles ect. We told ourselves there must be a reason god wont let us have a child. Personally i blamed my disorder and all the meds i was on.

In spring 2005, for our five year wedding anniversary we rented a cabin in the north georgia mountains. After checking in, we go to our cabin, walk in the front door and the main room of our cabin was absolutley covered in ladybugs. I mean hundreds upon hunderds of them. My wife who is terrified of most bugs was oddly fine with it. I had soon realized i had forgotten to bring my meds so i knew i was going to have a rough week. Because of my swinging moods we only made love once and that was on the actual day of our annaversary. Otherwise had a pretty good time.

A few weeks later ... boom ... no period. A few weeks later standing in our bathroom ... boom ... the test comes back positive. Oh my god! It happend! We must have hugged and cried for an hour. Within the next month we are at the baby doc (cant remember what its called) we get a conception date of dead center of our stay in the cabin. I like to joke and say it was the lack of meds saying "my boys finally sobered up enough to swim", but you decide ...... was it the ladybugs?

We now have a wonderful four year old boy.

So are ladybugs good luck? I think so.


05/22/2010 05:27 AM
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that is a great story. i have always heard that ladybugs were supposed to be good luck. they obviously were in your case!

05/22/2010 05:31 AM

Cool, yup ladybugs and praying mantis are told to me to be good luck.

Glad to see they did work!

05/22/2010 07:27 AM
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Never heard the one about the praying mantis, maybe i shouldnt be so afaid of them... but wow are they creepy looking!

05/22/2010 08:47 AM
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I'm very happy for you that you as a couple became pregnant, you must have been ecstatic, I would have been.

But as for luck and ladybugs, I don't believe in luck. I think we can make things (most) happen through hard work, and determination.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of challenges to go forward to make things happen with our multiple conditions, a lot of us would just like to have our old life back again, and we could then move forward. But determination, usually fizzles out on us, (if you have fibro) and our attention span and ability to focus get in our way (if we have Bipolar).

So, I try to make little things happen. For instance, I learned how to make greeting cards. They only take about 10 minutes to make, give me a great sense of pride. I can make a couple a day. Someday, I want to be able to do my oil painting again.

Ooops, I guess I got off the topic again, I'm sorry.

05/23/2010 07:34 AM

I am like Ana and I don't believe in luck either. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that I have the favor of God and if it is his will it shall be done.

However, my state decided that we needed ladybugs to save our trees so they had truckloads dumped into our state. I lived in an apartment once where we had thousands of ladybugs! Everywhere I looked was ladybugs!

Thanks for sharing your happy ending story Smile

05/23/2010 07:56 AM
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I don't know about the luck of lady bugs, since I don't believe in luck either, but I have always treated them carefully when I have found any in the house, gently scooping them up and placing them outside. Maybe that means something?

I am really glad all turned out well and that you have a precious child in your lives.

05/26/2010 08:14 AM
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Ladybugs are just another form of beetle. Nothing special about that. But I too will go out of my way to treat them with care.

Once early in my racing career I was running with an engine that had no hope of keeping up with the leaders. Week after week I kept finishing 'out of the money' while I pieced together my 'good' engine.

Then one night I was talking to some fans and a little girl of 5 or so said she wanted to sponcer me. I went along and told her sure, but I couldn't get her name on the car that night. she dug in her pocket and came out with a lady bug sticker. I stuck it on the roof and picked her up and showed it to her. Away goes one happy little girl.

We kept getting yellow flags toward the end of the feature. Seemed no one could keep they're stuff away from the walls or each other. Then last restart and I got a good start. 2 cars tangle and tear it up, pulling off the track. I close up and they call the "10 PM Rule". Green, white, and any yellow ends the race. I'm in 5th. A money spot at last! Down the back straigh 2 more cars tangle in front of me. I haul on by. I get to the corner and guys are signaling me to 'go high' on the track. As I crank out of turn 3 I see 2 cars in a heap on the infield. "Who crashed before the green" I wonder? I take the checkered flag and head for the trailer. People are running up yelling for me to go back out front.

Seems it was 1st and 2nd that crashed on the last lap and I had won the dang thing!

Lady Bug got the Grand Stand side of the hood for the rest of the season, I went on a winning tear and someone had NAPA send me the parts to finish my good engine.

Naw it couldn't have been the lady bug. Could it?

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