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03/05/2010 09:11 PM

Spokes Persons for Bipolar?

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1st it was that Hollywood twit whose name I refuse to say. "I act an @$$ because I am Bipolar!". No you act that way because you ARE an @$$!

Now we have a guy who flys from Cali to WashYourMoney D.C. and gets in a suicidal gun fight with 2 Pentagon Guards.

Can't we come up with someone better?

Who would you want to be the SpokesPerson? Living or dead. Any time period.


03/05/2010 10:30 PM
mariel24hPosts: 1136
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Well Patty Duke is a big spokes person for bipolar issues.

03/05/2010 11:00 PM

Stephen Fry is lovely. He has cyclothymia, and he did a wonderful documentary on bipolar disorder.

03/06/2010 12:07 AM
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i agree stephen fry is an excellent person to show how to cope with it and how he has brought a positive look on bi polar

03/06/2010 04:57 AM
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George Gordon, Lord Byron - He was eloquent, witty and inclusive. People were naturally drawn to him and he was severely bipolar.

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