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01/10/2010 11:03 AM

How to stop 'Wrong number' collection calls.


Your eating dinner or sleeping in and the phone rings. It's a collection company or the Firefighter who have lost their left pinky toe nail support group.

They aren't calling to collect from you but someone who used your number on their phoney bank account.

"May I speak to Bill E. Buyer?" They gave this person credit?

Rattling hammer handle in desk drawer: "Can you speak up?"

Yes we're calling about Mr/Ms/Mrs buyers overdue credit account with Hookem Crookem and Run Credit and loan? Are they available?"

"Do you have their address?" I'm really banging around the metal can now and making mufflesd 'pleas for help'.

"Ah, no we can't give that information out".

"Good! Just a second". Pick up large wooden panel and strike several times while making muffled sounds of pain.

Pick up phone. "I'm sorry. Bill E. Buyers is no longer available. You might catch them at the mortuary. Good day". Click.

The same companies never seem to call back.

Wonder why?

Whistling Whistling Whistling Devil


01/12/2010 02:20 PM

Another goodie. "Hi. We're collecting for the Disabled Left Handed Lumberjacks of Arizona...". "Really! How much have you collected? When do I get my check? Is it dirrect deposit or do I have to go somewhere? Hard to drive with no left hand. Keep getting these No Turn Signal Used tickets! Don't they speak 'Stumpesse'?" Click. They hung up? Wonder why?

01/12/2010 02:53 PM

I just answer the phone" Buddy the Elf, whats your favorite color?" They usually don't call back .lol

01/12/2010 03:31 PM

Then you have the ones that call so much you reconize their number.

One of those 'canned air football horns" usally makes them stop calling back.

01/12/2010 04:18 PM

We have an law here where you can get on the no call list where a telemarketer can not call you if you have your name added to the list.

01/12/2010 05:03 PM

I worked at one collections agency where I got in trouble for removing a number where the person who answer said the debtor did not live there. I knew it was not right to continue calling. There is a law called the FDCPA where you could sue if someone keeps harassing you over collections whether the debt is yours or not.

01/12/2010 06:10 PM

I'll take my entertainment where I can find it, Thank You very much.


01/13/2010 05:38 PM

I actually got a call today where some agency has skip traced my name with someone else's account and now it's my responsibility to get removed. It's the same collection agency I used work for that said I needed to call back on wrong numbers. Some of these guys are real crooks.

01/14/2010 02:09 PM

Learn a 2nd language! Swahelli pops to mind. Let's see them haves someone on hand to translate that! Laughing

Post edited by: cptblack, at: 01/14/2010 02:10 PM


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