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09/05/2007 05:59 PM


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So my 21 year old bp son just left her but only after spotting a car in the neighborhood that slowed down and looked "too hard" at our house and he is sure they were doggin' on him and then he just goes into a rant and he's gonna destroy anyone that gets in his way. I explained to him that his dad has a toolbox for sale and had given out our address which was probably an explanation for the person looking for our house # but that wasn't good enough for him...he is sooooo incredibly paranoid and thinks the world is out to get him...any suggestions or words of wisdom?

09/06/2007 07:19 AM
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Hi, kimmy5893,

I am Bipolar 1, and get paranoia,have the whole psychosis of this disorder, but usually at what my husband might or might not be doing, or other weird stuff. It is part of the psychosis, and will pass. Its part of the cycling. The mixed mania. I get suspicious, irritable, and overly sensitive to others around me.

It can get worse for me if it stays around very long . I can get manic and then dive into depression and get suicidal, and be embarrassed, about the paranoia, and the other wierd behavior that goes along after this. So, I usually go see my doc about adjusting my meds. I dont like letting it get too far out there. It can be horroable, and pretty scary.

Just keep letting him know , like you have, the real situation, and let him know he is safe. And are his meds right, and is he seeing, a counselor? I hope this helps...Gypsy

09/06/2007 09:11 AM
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Are you sure that he is bipolar? Many men who have schizophernia don't usually exhibit symptoms until early 20's. Does he smoke a lot of cigarettes, or drink a lot of caffiene? This can increase schizo symptoms. If you are certain he is bi polar then it sounds like he is in an extemely manic state, which is usually accompanied by psychosis,paranoia, and suicidal thoughts. This can be scary for those involved. If you see or hear of him saying anything about hurting himself or he feels that others call someone. Immediately don't wait. If you love him and I am sure you do this would be the best thing to do.

Hope this helps. Much blessings to you!


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