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06/04/2009 04:06 AM

Hi! New to group

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i'm heather and i was diagnosed bipolar 1 and OCD almost 2 years ago. it was a hard diagnoses for a 19 year old to face but recently i have noticed just how bad my disorder is. i have issues talking to counselor do to my disorder/s not letting me trust people. i thought this would be a good place for me to go to see people like me, who maybe can help me get through this a little easier.


06/04/2009 04:10 AM
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Hello Heather, and welcome to the group. I hope you will find this a very supportive place, a good place to make friends. I am sorry that you are struggling so much right now. I know how that feels and so do others here. You are not alone.

Feel free to post elsewhere and join in discussions, ask questions, etc. Again, welcome.

06/04/2009 04:57 AM
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Welcome Heather. Hoping you will learn and find comfort here at mdj bc there's so many awesome people here. I have become so much more knowledgeable about bp and don't feel so alone anymore since joining here. Cool

06/04/2009 05:10 AM
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Welcome to the group Heather. There are so many people here experiencing the same things that you are. If you ever need to talk there are plenty of people here to lend an ear. Again welcome, and I hope to see you on the boards.

06/04/2009 08:37 AM

Welcome to the group, Heather. You and I were diagnosed at the same age. I'm sure you'll also find others to whom you can relate. As I said, welcome to the group. I hope to see your posts around.

06/04/2009 08:50 AM
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Welcome to the group Heather. I hope that you find the support and friendships you are looking for here. It's a great site full of good people, glad you're here.

06/04/2009 08:59 AM
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OMG, I'm the queen of having problems talking to people - esp. doctors....I'm a compulsive liar. Plus, I hate the way Drs look at me when I tell them I'm having paranoid or delusional thoughts, so as much as I can I try to hide those thoughts from doesn't help that it's the whole resident-attending thing either...cause I know they talk about me when I leave, which makes it that much harder to say what's really going through my head.

The lies come easier than the truth...

Right now, I'm in the middle of a medication fiasco ...and so I'm finding that even if I feel one way I tell them I feel another....mostly because I want to see whether they see what's really in my a way it's a test....but in a way it's just me being really, really stupid.

My last tdoc I saw for YEARS....I luv her...incidentally she was also an MD. so I killed two birds with one stone. I lied to her for about a year about my whole family...about every day stuff...whatever...we worked through alot of phony dilemmas. anyway, i liked her cause she figured it out. Luv that! Maybe other people do, but they just don't say anything. Who knows.

Anyway, I also got diagnosed 1st year of college...and can remember the living hell that was the rest of college. Not fun. It'll be 10 years this year. Ack!

Anyway, what trust issues are keeping you from opening up with the docs?


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