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04/23/2009 10:54 PM

New to this group need support of course !

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Sad Unsure Just what am I doing with tonights rapid mood swings. Such depressed thoughts also. Hi there I am Gina aka Wildrose and I live in Alaska and we now have 14 hours of daylight it is almost 10pm and the sun is just setting. I am an interesting person and have alot of expierence in trying to control my bipolar with diet like some one would with diabetes. tHE DOC WANTS ME try Lamictimil ? I know not much about it tho it can cause a real bad initial skin rash. I want to still try to stay off meds, Been 2 years free of seroquel or any anti anxiet meds. I go to Nami meetings and try to help folks navugate the system in what I know. Does anyone do Nami or a DBSA support group in their town ? So is this the best support on line group. eh Groupies help me out here ! Help and introduce yourself to me, Have mood swings but am not a mean person whats so ever ! I just need to really sob from time to time and the manicness and no sleep well that is a part of HELL ! Want to write more but really have to go to sleep soon as The light can really get me up burning the midnight oil and all that. so trying to be scheduled and some what strict with myself. I have some pain from having Cancer but that is another story.... and so is having 4 wolves. Good night and Love to all here searching for help and education and to find Joy in living with our disability !

04/24/2009 05:46 AM
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Hi Gina, welcome! I am sorry that you are struggling with so much right now. There is a cancer support group as well at this site. I understand the desire to go pill-free. For me though, that will not work. I can't handle the mood swings, the out of control hypomania, the suicidal depressions. So my treatment includes medications.

As far as Lamictal goes, I take it and have had no problems. They start you at a very low dose and gradually increase it. Doing that generally prevents a rash. It had been great at helping with my depression and has some mood stabalizing properties. You might want to rethink it and try it, but that's your call. It would help stop those sobbing sessions.

You will find a lot of helpful information here via all the members who have a wealth of experience. Again, welcome. Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion, or start one of your own.

04/24/2009 05:50 AM
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Welcome wildrose. You've found a great place here at mdj. I've learned so much about myself and living with bipolar and its made me a much happier person; don't feel so alone in my life experiences. Smile

04/24/2009 06:06 AM
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Hello Wildrose, welcome to the site and this group. Yes I think this is the best online group. You live in Alaska, that's awesome. When I was a little girl I was fascinated with wolves and wanted one so much. I don't know how you go without meds, I couldn't do it.

I'm Cynthia, 42, and mother of 4 children. Two girls and two bipolar boys. I live in CA and love the beach. I have rapid cycling Bipolar I, PTSD and OCD.

It took 3 years and 6 doctors to get me stabilized. I can't handle my mood swings without meds. I get severely depressed and extremely manic. I'm a recovered alcoholic and I will relapse without meds. I am also on Lamictil and didn't get a rash. They started me out on a really lose dose and gradually added to it. I love it it works really well.

The one thing you need to be aware of is if you don't take meds, the older you get the worse your Bipolar gets and there is no reversing it. You are playing a very dangerous game. I'm just prewarning you, please don't think I am telling you what to do.

I'm glad you are here and you can pm me anytime you need to talk.

04/24/2009 06:15 AM
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Hi, Gina, welcome to the group. This is a great place and I love it and have learned a lot about myself and others here. I have gone the path of not taking meds but it didn't work. I ended up in the psych ward on suicide watch. I admire you if you can keep from doing that. There are a few people on this site who don't take meds so you wouldn't be alone. I'm glad you found us and I think you'll like it here, just jump right in and join where ever you feel like it.

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