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07/31/2007 11:40 PM

I'm a newbie

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I'm a newbie to bipolar, just recently diagnosed this past May with bipolar II. I was previously diagnosed with unipolar depression 15 years ago.

Looking for a place to give and recieve support on bipolar challenges.

Miss Cat

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08/02/2007 07:30 PM
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Thanks a lot for all the responses..sorry if I bothered you. I'm out of here to find a more supportive environment!

08/03/2007 07:50 AM
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Dear Miss Cat,

In and out in three days.... My, MY!

I've been "lurking" on this forum for weeks, and I know how you feel, BUT...

Opinions, advice, and criticism make a poor foundation for a support group.

You have, however, noticed a tendency for group members to dwell on meds, as if the meds they take are somehow their identity. Even though most of us take the meds, somehow the discussion and comparison of meds always ends up in a free-for-all of opinions, advice, and criticism.

A good support effort comes, rather, from the sharing of experience, strength, and hope, which allows us to identify with one another rather than to "compare" one with another.

Ironically the experience with meds often ends up in contention as to who had the worst experience with the meds.

Almost everything you shared was centered around the meds. Those of us who have found some measure of recovery now realize that effective recovery goes so much deeper than the relief we have received from meds.

I believe you will find more "support" here--or anywhere else--when you can talk about those DEEPER aspects of recovery. That's where the sharing really counts and where you can really help and be helped.

That's been my experience. What's your experience!?

Good luck!


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