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03/29/2012 11:48 AM

Newbie (but not sure I should be here)

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Hello everyone! I haven't exactly been diagnosed with bipolar disorder; my doctor told me I have Major Depression w/ Bipolar Tendencies recently and put me on Seroquel 100mg. It has helped but makes me too tired during the day.

I've been hospitalized twice, tried different medications, and so far I am on 40mg prozac and 200mg seroquel and it seems to be the most helpful meds. I have felt there was more to my diagnosis after my second hospitalization when they diagnosed me with Major Depression. My mind is always going on hyperspeed, I have severe mood swings (from happy to mad to sad to happy), I feel like I can't focus (like I can't catch my own thoughts), and I have trouble sleeping without some help from meds. Surprisingly I'm also very lazy, but when I get going I don't won't to stop to rest, eat, or anything. I procrastinate like a pro. I'm just confused really. I have just moved to Texas and am looking for a psychiatrist/counselor I can afford. But when I do see the doctors its like the most important stuff just flies away from me, like I haven't told them everything they need to know.

Just wondering what everyone thinks I guess... my mom says I've just read too many books and its all in my head. That the doctors know what they are saying and doing, even if I feel like they aren't always right. My problem is that I know my body and the doctors don' least that's how I feel..

Alright I'm rambling now, thanks for anyone who reads this. Later!


03/29/2012 12:28 PM
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Welcome MadMaze! You weren't rambling. We're here to listen. It sounds like you are confused by your diagnosis. None of us here are capable of clearing up that for you because we aren't qualified but I don't think you are in the wrong place if you are looking for support because you have found it.

One thing I would suggest when you do have a doctor appointment, so those important things don't get forgotten, write them all down and bring them with you and review the list with the doctor.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to private message (pm) me or any other group leader.

03/29/2012 01:38 PM

welcome-i take seroquel too. do you take it at night? i do and it helps me sleep good.I also take lamictal in the a.m. and i think it helps me to wake up and not be groggy from the seroquel. also they have seroquelxr that is extended release. i like it better -it is more balanced throughout the day. I also take paxil 20mg. Glad you are here. lots of good info and support.

03/29/2012 01:45 PM
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Hi MadMaze, I am not diagnosed and know exactly what you are saying, I write everything in my diary and take it to all of my appointments. Knowledge is power when it comes to being your own advocate I have found this site has helped me no end, I now can put names to things that happen to me, I always just thought it was me and I was odd. Welcome to the group...

03/29/2012 03:28 PM
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You do sound confused. Hopefully when you find a psychiatrist he can clear this up for you. Write everything you want to go over down and be sure to bring it to your appointment. That's what I do. I do hope you find a psychiatrist quickly. Being without one would be scary for me. Things will hopefully look up when you find one. Welcome to the group!

03/29/2012 04:31 PM
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I hope you can find the right doc and can find the right combo of meds. A diagnosis is just what is it....the right med combo is the important thing.

I took seroquel a while back and it took me down like a ton of bricks and didn't help at all. I switched to Lamictal and then later added seroquel and its proved almost perfect. I take it at night and it makes me sleep and when I wake in the morning you'd never be able to say I had taken them. I normally wake up before the alarm but my laziness makes me stay in bed.

One thing about seroquel was that my doc told me to go up slow so if you are on a high dose then it'll take time to blend into your system. You can take a high dose right away but for me it made me crash. The doc told me to take one when I got them at first, I got to the job site and they had to carry me to my car and drive me home. Was totally out.

As for your mom, we all have a similar issue with that one. The parents don't understand and in their time alot of these illnesses didn't exist. Mine would say just get up and do something, snap out of it or the good one. What are you deppressed about?

Good luck and remember...even if you are not BP you do have some similar symtoms and we are open to trying to help.


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