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06/03/2008 09:22 AM


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Well it has been a week or so. I have read a few post and different topics and I really appreciate the love and hope that is through out this board. I also thank the folks who have replied to my initial response on this blog. I have decided to let Marsh go, on the credit card thing. I spoke to a few of the lenders and explained about my wife and they told me that, I am not responsible for debt in her name. All the cards that she has ran up are in her name. I still have a few issues and will try and get through them. I believe she was in a manic state after this and we were intimate and that was nice. I seen it come on and called her on it. She said that she thought it was likely that she was and we would have to wait for the crash. I keep asking her to get a new psychiatrist. her current one has her on about ten meds and when she tells him she has an incident or is down. He just ups the meds. I want her to get a second opinion or at least a consult. Mainly it has been a issue with the finances. She has a issue with her neck and may need to have some surgery to fix it. So of course the new job she started 2 weeks ago is now done with. She also was given Hydrocodone for the pain. The doc told her that she can not work or she may paralyze her left arm

So instead she stays home and mows the yard and does the hedges and other yard work. It may be just me, but I think that she should be at work. She still goes to some meetings. I ask her when she leaves, What time will you be back. Her answer is always. Right after the meeting, I am not going any where else. I wait till she is about 1 1/2 hours late and I go to bed. I used to call her and get her voice mail. I do not even want to call her any more. She always says sorry and that she just gets caught up. I told her not to apologize and I did not care and was not going to trip or worry any more. As far as I know she still gets high and her doc gave her a urine test for it. He said that if she continues to smoke then he is going to drop her. I am going to try and get a second job for a while. To see if I can put away some money, just in case. Well enough for today . My thoughts and prayers are with you all.



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