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10/29/2009 07:10 AM

Daily Numbers October 29th

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1= Depressed- need my friends

1.5 Cranky- DEAL WITH IT!

2 = Depressed and I can tell it is going to hang around awhile

3 Depressed - but my favorite ______ < insert word could cheer me up

4 = partly cloudy, moving but not motivated, functioning

5 = fine, functional, steady, stable, working list

6 = looking forward to the day, sunny, energized

7 = feeling great, looking FANTASTIC, couldn't be better

8 = up since 4 am cleaning, rearranged the living room, wrote the President, had sex twice with myself!

9 = can't stop thinking, why are all these other people so slow and stupid, time is short possibilities unlimited, I need to write that down perhaps start a novel, get out of my way

10 = the television told me I was sent by God direct to save the world so I gave away all my worldly possessions and am walking the universe ridding it from evil as I find it...and it is everywhere


Good Morning everyone. Wake up sleepyheads.

I am a good solid 5/6 today. Slept good, feel good, etc. I hope the rest of you are having good days.

I still don't know where April is, but where ever she is I hope she is well.


10/29/2009 08:09 AM
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still a 1...just trying to stay sane and sober

10/29/2009 09:52 AM
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5 today, started slow.. but got it together

10/29/2009 10:35 AM

I'm a 5 today.

10/29/2009 11:56 AM
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Think i'm a 6

10/29/2009 03:28 PM
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i am a 6 today,

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