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09/29/2009 04:46 PM


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This is directed to those of you that have been on antidepressants without mood stabilizers...

How long were your okay on antidepressants alone?

I am simply looking for other options because I hate the side effects of mood stabilizers. They are preventing me from doing my job and my pdoc won't listen.

If anyone has just been on an antidepressant without a mood stabilizer I would appreciate feed back. I used to just take an antidepressant when I was young so I may not even need the mood stabilizers.

Thoughts anyone?

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09/29/2009 05:32 PM
bagofcandyPosts: 1259
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Recently I had to stop taking lamictal, and was on 300 mg of seroquel and 300 mg of wellbutrin and provigil. Stopping the lamictal made me manic within a week or so after the last dose of lamictal. This resulted in my having to take triple the dose of seroquel and half the dose of wellbutrin and provigil, and now depression. The pdoc said it was because of the high dose of wellbutrin and the loss of a mood stabilizer. I wouldn't recommend it.

What were you trying to tell your pdoc? What's he not hearing?

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09/29/2009 06:32 PM
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I used to take antidepressants when i was younger. I tried them all.. I was too young to really know what was going on in my head but.. they didn't help. After my diagnosis, in disbelief, i told my doctor all i needed was an antidepressant. He warned me of the mania, and low and behold, everyday i took it i was manic. It was a very noticeable difference. i don't believe the use of antidepressants alone is recommended for people with BP. If anything, i would try taking something like lamictal instead of an antidepressant, it doesn't have the magnitude of cognitive side effects that antipsychotics do.

09/30/2009 12:06 AM
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I can't take them alone, I get tossed into mania fairly quickly. Even at 15 when I started taking Zoloft I'd get tossed into mania, but no one knew I was BP, so that caused more problems. Wouldn't recommend it.

09/30/2009 03:37 AM
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I took antidepressants alone for almost 10 yrs. and self medicated (20s), i was "highfunctioning" worked full-time & I self-medicated with alcohol. Then my pdoc added Klonopin due to having high anxiety/panic.

At 32 yrs old my pdoc added a mood stabilizer (Lithium) the week my Mom passed away (1996) due to being hypomanic. Lithium worked very well with the anti-dep i was on and Klonopin. I'm still taking these meds, but i do not take Klonopin daily anymore, only when needed.

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09/30/2009 06:33 AM
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Antidepressants never worked for me for very long. However, the first few weeks I would feel ggggggrrreat before the big crash, so I kept trying new ones.

I agree, maybe try the mood stabilizer alone?

09/30/2009 11:17 AM
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With BP antidepressants alone can cause manic episodes. As others have said, I wouldn't recommend it.

09/30/2009 11:26 AM

I took Zoloft alone for about 2 years before I was diagnosed bipolar. I was hypomanic pretty much all the time. I also self-medicated with alcohol to bring myself down enough to fall asleep at night.

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