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08/30/2009 04:30 PM

Can antidepressants make you fall out of love?


Hi all!

I think my bipolar, OCD boyfriend's meds have dulled his feelings towards me. He was once so excited about me and our it's like he doesn't even care if I'm in the room. The other night he told me he wanted to take a break--that he was feeling low and wanted to see if he could live without me. We live an hour apart and only see each other once or twice a week at best, so I know I haven't been smothering him. He tells me he still loves me, and that the break would do us some good. I disagree, but will give him his space.

Meanwhile, I really think things would turn around if he were to lower his Prozac dosage (I'd love for him to quit completely and find an alternative), but I know he really likes it because he says it helps him focus more. I sent him a link to a few articles about SSRI's causing people to fall out of love, so all I can do is hope he reads them and follows up with his doctor.

Has anyone felt this way on anti-depressants? One minute you're in love with your partner, the next you feel nothing? What is the best thing I can do for him while he sorts out his feelings and overcomes his depression? Should I leave him alone? Should I fight to stay in his life? I read in another forum about relationships that he could be trying to run me off because he thinks I'm too good for him and he can't give me the love I deserve (he has said this before). I've tried to tell him that I love him as is, and just want to be with him. I'm at a total loss on what to do. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.



08/30/2009 04:57 PM
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It could be any of a variety of things. Relationships and love are delicate things.

Antidepressants are known to negatively affect one's sex drive though.

08/30/2009 05:22 PM
bagofcandyPosts: 1259
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It could be the depression rather than the Prozac....Some people, like myself, tend to isolate whenever feeling super down. I can't handle having loved ones around whenever I'm feeling depressed because I don't want to burden them with how horrible I'm feeling, and their helplessness makes me feel like I've let them down. If he needs space, give it to him, and make sure he knows you're there for him when he's ready.

08/30/2009 06:55 PM
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I to am the same way. I love my hubbey but there are times when i don't want him around. But i never told him that. I feel he is better off with out me. I feel all the sickness i have is to much for him to handle and i don't want tyo put him through it

08/30/2009 09:28 PM
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I believe it could be the depression. When depression occurs a person would rather be isolated than having to be around people.

Depression is serious and if you think it is effecting him socially then you should talk with him and tell him how you feel. There is medication out there that will help him focus if that is his main concern.

I wish you the best of luck sweetheart.


11/16/2009 03:14 PM
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It very well be the result of prozac.

Helen Fischer says so and I had it happen to me

my now exBF- thought I was the love of his life

until he got addicted to Wellbutrin and went manic on me

but then when his pdoc added Prozac it was like- wisssshhh

no more love, no more lust, no more nothing at all

except for his damn pills

has been awful

11/17/2009 05:31 PM
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There are definetly many meds that affect a persons sexual drive and lets face it the closness of sex reinforces feelings of love. Zyprexa and Wellbutrin absolutely killed my sex drive so I was always worried to get physically close to my husband in case he misinterpreted it as sexual invitation. Don't know if this is what is happening to you and yours but it is a thought.

11/17/2009 05:54 PM
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coincidences don't neccesarily suggest causation. there could be a million things else besides prozac thats making him this way. I mean, if he has BP, and OCD.. hes got issues of his own. It more than likely isn't anything to do with you, or prozac. Like everyone said above, depression can make you back off from loved ones, give you the urge to seclude yourself. If hes depressed, then lowering his prozac wouldn't be a good idea. Relationships and love don't always have a rhyme or a reason or any of that. I wish you too the best of luck, i hope he starts to feel better and you guys can be happy together. But, i would almost be willing to say no to your question, antidepressants dont make people fall out of love, depression might.

11/17/2009 06:48 PM

Very well put Merryati. Who the hell is Helen Fischer??? Is this who this rhon person is referring to?

Helen E. Fisher (born 1945) is an anthropology professor and human behavior researcher at Rutgers University and has studied romantic interpersonal attraction for over 30 years.[1][2][3] Prior to becoming a research professor at Rutgers University, she was a research associate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

mmmm an anthropologist....maybe she's a nurse and an attorney too. Beth

11/17/2009 10:04 PM
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Antidepressants have made me apathetic...if that helps.

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