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08/17/2009 01:34 AM

Daily Numbers Monday August 17


1= Depressed- need my friends

1.5 Cranky- DEAL WITH IT!

2 = Depressed and I can tell it is going to hang around awhile

3. Depressed - but my favorite ______ < insert word could cheer me up

4 = partly cloudy, moving but not motivated, functioning

5 = fine, functional, steady, stable, working list

6 = looking forward to the day, sunny, energized

7 = feeling great, looking FANTASTIC, couldn't be better

8 = up since 4 am cleaning, rearranged the living room, wrote the President, had sex twice with myself!

9 = can't stop thinking, why are all these other people so slow and stupid, time is short possibilities unlimited, I need to write that down perhaps start a novel, get out of my way

10 = the television told me I was sent by God direct to save the world so I gave away all my worldly possessions and am walking the universe ridding it from evil as I find it...and it is everywhere


Good Morning everyone. I am a 5 this morning. I want to thank my MdJunction family for their support, prayers and thoughts during this difficult time with my momma.

I would like to apologize if some of my replies to threads have been insensitive or cold. I want everyone to feel cared and supported here as I do.

My momma is getting a scope done today and that will put her at risk for a stroke for a window of time. My sister and I will be up there with her today. She is very anxious and scared about the procedure.

My sister ( she is older than me ) is very harsh with my momma and I just have to bite my tongue. I don't want to argue again. I told my mom how I felt and she told me to not say anything. I am trying to drop clues and hints on how to validate my momma's feelings.

Keep the thoughts and support coming! I feel it! Smile

May we be calm ( and I not choke my sister)

May we be at peace ( and I not drive the nurses nuts )

May we be stable ( no more security following me )

May we be happy! Silly

A big warm welcome to the newbies- we love you already! Kissing

Have a great Monday! I will be updating this thread as it helps me cope.


08/17/2009 02:38 AM

I also want to mention that everyone is leaning on me for support. Both my sisters, my cousins, etc. 2 of my cousins are having bf problems so I am supporting them with that as well. Last night I was very frustrated. I always am the rock. Robert and my mom are my rocks.

08/17/2009 07:08 AM
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well my thoughts and prayers continue to go to you and your family. My ninja power is weak right now due to illness but I would list myself as a weak 5 heading towards a 4 and possibly a three. Have to deal with an immature co worker/employee today and not looking forward to it. Thinking of your momma though.

08/17/2009 07:23 AM
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A very bored 5. The boredom is back.

08/17/2009 07:49 AM
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April you are and have been in my prayers.. Try not to stress stay calm ( i know you know that).

I am a 5 today maybe just maybe the day will get better for me.


08/17/2009 09:29 AM
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ApRiL, i admire how you express yourself so well and things are rough for you and you are still trying to life others are so very gifted and talented and God is surley using you almost to the fullest!

Think i'm a slow moving 5...i went boating yesterday on a huge lake had to push myself b/c was on a real low for a few days prior so since i went yesterday had a great sleep woke up feeling a lot better. Cool

08/17/2009 10:42 AM
Posts: 602

I'm a 2 today....I fucked up yet again this weekend and the depression hasn't lifted and doesn't look like it will for a while/

08/17/2009 12:16 PM

theslt- I hope your 2 doubles.

Thank you all for your kind words and support. Momma had a scope done today and it came out normal. Tomorrow is the lower GI. So she is at risk of a stroke for another day or so. I am going back up to the hospital in a few hours. And you guys know how wacky I am well I am going to wear my pajama's up there. I have a shirt and capri pjs and it is very evident that they are jammies but I don't care. I am also going to the book store in jammies. lol

08/17/2009 03:41 PM

I'm a 4.5 today.

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