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08/16/2009 06:21 PM

Bipolar Rage

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Ever notice it's not as talked about as lets say the depressive/manic side? I know I struggled with this the most when I was younger and till this very day I struggle to keep it under control. Usually I'm very successful with that, but there are times when I do crack and my rage takes over. Yes it's normal to get angry or mad or extremely upset I mean we are human and we can't be saints all the time. But it's a different story when the rage lasts weeks and your afraid of yourself because of it. See others feel rage but Bipolar people tend to feel it to the extreme. I do a few things to try to keep it under control...

1.) Tae kwon do

2.)Working out

3.) Writing

4.)Listening to music


6.)play video games

What helps you?


08/16/2009 06:37 PM
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I listen to classic rock music that tends to calm me down!

Smoking a cigarette also calms me.


08/17/2009 02:48 AM

I listen to music as well. I listen to fast music. I also:

* do a workout

* throw ice cubes in an empty bath tub

* poke or rather stab a balled up pair of socks with a straight pin

* dig my fingernails in my skin ( without breaking skin )

* scratch the area between my nose and lip and feel the sensation

* I also TRY to do deep breathing exercises .

08/17/2009 04:50 AM
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sing, play piano (although that can be painful depending on how angry I am) - but those come well after the initial rage. At first I do use deep breathing, I also try to find solitude and scream and scream and scream - that's why my throat always hurts.


08/17/2009 05:38 AM
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My 9 yr old son usually tells me when i'm "loosing it" by raising my voice and start to "yell"; i told him to let me know when mommy starts to yell; anyway i think at times he plays on this. Luckily i don't get "angry" for long periods but when i do i: unfortunately resort to my addiction "smoke a cigarette, eat, deep breath, walk my dog, bit my nails (really bad) and pick my skin around....i have unhealthy coping mechanisms, guess it could be a lot worse i used to drink a lot of alcohol and use drugs but am now coping for several yrs without these things. Wink

08/17/2009 07:55 AM
FcsevenPosts: 9

A long hot shower usually helps me relax.

08/17/2009 08:01 AM
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The first thing I usually do is shut off my cell phone so that I don't mistakenly say terrible things to people that I will later regret.

I begin the 12-hour period, which means that I wait 12-24 hours (usually try to sleep on it) before making any big decisions that might be permanent.

In the meantime, I TRY to calm down by doing things like writing angry letters to whatever I'm mad at. I stick these letters in a box, and when the box is full I burn it.

I pull at my eyebrows without knowing it.

I try to take a long shower in the dark.

I usually end up crying. When the RAGE part subsides, I'm in tears.

08/18/2009 01:54 PM
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ALL of my manias nowadays manifest themselves as severe RAGE and it comes on with a vengeance. What do I do?

a) Most importantly do not talk to my Mom. Since I have so few friends she's an easy target

b) Vent on this forum and just about every other one I'm on

c) Read

d) One self destructive thing - I either binge and purge or starve myself.

e) Another self destructive thing - I cut

d and e I'm obviously working on by seeing a therapist. Also, I have YET to find the right "cocktail" but currently I'm giving Lamictal a try

08/18/2009 04:44 PM
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When I'm in a rage due to rapid cycling or mania, I listen to music, go for a long walk, run on my treadmill, avoid people in general and if I feel as if I'm completely out of control, I'll sleep it off if possible. My pdoc also prescribed Klonopin which I am to take on a PRN basis whenever I feel as if I'm rapid cycling or manic.

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