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08/06/2009 09:55 PM

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I am not sure what is happening. Started taking meds again tonight. Best part is my husband sells Abilify. I am trying like Hell to get this under control. I think I just hit my breaking point and had to go back on the meds. I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids. Would never hurt myself or my kids but I very upset because I am not included, at the moment, in all my friends plans. Please someone tell me you have been there.

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08/07/2009 06:04 AM
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Welcome to the group, Lesley. This is a very supportive group and I hope you will find that to be true for you. I also take Abilify and am finding it to work well for my mania. It's all too often true that when we are hypomanic or manic, loved ones are sure how to help, or sometimes step back because they aren't sure how to respond and that perhaps is the case with your friends. I don't know, I'm just tossing out possibilities.

You say you went back on meds. What other ones has your pdoc (psychiatrist) prescribed for you? It may take a short while for you to feel better depending on what the meds are, though Abilify is pretty fast acting. I hope you can get stabilized quickly and soon feel better.

08/07/2009 10:32 AM
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It sounds like you feel trapped. I used to do lots of things with my friends, but whenever I withdrew I kept saying no to their invitations. So eventually they just stopped asking, which totally makes sense as sad as that is. So I would say like "i miss you, lets do something!" and then set it up and do it. Then they see that you do want to hang out with them. Personally I just try to meet new people if the old ones don't talk to me anymore hahaPinch

08/07/2009 11:07 AM
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What Ms. Undone describes is exactly how my life has gone. When I was younger (yes I'm ancient now) I had a several huge groups of friends. I was always on the edge though, and would hope from group to group, except for 2 guys that I've stayed in contact with since High School. The sad part is that on one occasion I found out that these guys have loyal friends to me, despite my lack of understand as to what that meant. Basically Damon flat out told me he'd be my friend but we would never be close because he hates being abandoned and that's what I do best it seems. What he was referring to was about once or twice a year, I'd just up and leave. Head to Colorado or Kentucky, or Texas or join the Navy or go to the mountains in Cali, things like that. I never said goodbye. I never told anyone where I was going except maybe my mom. Looking back it's clear these were Bipolar induced adventures, but he never knew that. It really caused a lot of heart ache for him and our other buddy Kurt. I could not understand why they were both so moody when I'd get back. They'd make plans to go camping or on trips, and never ask me, because they were certain I'd be gone before the date rolled around.

I have very few friends now, Kurt is still one of them, though he is distant.

Anyway, I'm not saying this is what's happening to you, but you may want to give it some thought at least.


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