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03/30/2008 02:45 AM

Disability Determination services

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Hello All,

I have not been approved for SSD but I did file about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I received a letter saying that I needed to fill out a Function Report Adult form ssa-3373. Its a report about my day to day functioning. I'm sure many ppl who've received disability has had to fill this form out. Is it a good possibility that when you receive this form that you are in a good position to being approved? I asked a couple ppl that I know who filed and got denied. They told me that they never were never required nor received a ssa-3373. I'm just wondering if I have a chance of being approved because I've been dealing with the issue for over 14 years and have only been diagnosed for about 6 months and if I was approved it would it would go a long way to helping me. Not just financially but also just an understanding, because I spent many years feeling absolutely worthless. Even though I've been diagnosed from my Therapist and Psychiatrist I still feel fairly worthless and should be working everyday like most ppl. Last week I did some work with day labor and the first day seemed ok , it was hard work but it felt good to do something but 2 days into working I went through a depression. I don't know if it was because general labor is below my skill set or what but I didn't go, so after a few days I went back and worked and again of course the same problem. I just can't go on like this cause I need to earn a consistant living. Not just for money but for a little self respect. My meds didn't even work during those times so Im back at the Doc's office trying to find some meds that will help me. I'm just frustrated. I want to get it together , I WANT TO WORK AND CONTRIBUTE. Day labor is the lowest level general labor job to and I am unable to do that.


03/30/2008 05:28 AM
2butterflysPosts: 21

The SSA 3373 is a standard form- social security has not even looked at the merits of your particular circumstances at this point. They use this in every SSD/SSI application. You need to be very honest and most of all very complete when filling it out. Remember- the most common thing people are denied for is returning to work- if they find out you work even at occasional day labor jobs they will deny you for ability to work. Good luck.

03/30/2008 05:53 AM
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hey PC, I don't know about the form, my husband as far as I know has never been required to fill out one of them, and he is filing for disability for his back, I know you feel frustrated right now about not being able to work, but do realize your not the only one in that boat, there are many here that want to work so bad they can taste it, but do to the illness they are unable..

While day labor might seem to be demeaning it really isn't cause without those that do that labor, nothing would ever get built.. just do the very best you can do and take pride in what you do.. fill out their form, get it back to them as quickly as possible, that is where most folks mess up, they don't do the paperwork in the required time, and if they are denied they drop it there, you only have X amount of time to appeal, I hope for the financial aspect you get approved quickly, it's been a waiting game for my husband and I figure by the time he gets it, he will be able to retire and collect SSI, it's fallen to me to support us, and I am the bipolar here, I work at a job that is lower than what my skill levels are, as a cashier at Walgreens, but you know what? I love that job, very low stress levels, pay ain't that great, but it is a paycheck.

What could have caused your depression is the simple fact that you consider the day laborer not as important as what you are capable of, the question here is do you love the type of work you were doing? if so, take that and run with it, my brother loves construction, it makes him happy and being happy at what you do is the most important thing. I love customer service, so working as a cashier is something I love. The paycheck is just a added bonus.

03/30/2008 07:54 AM
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Hello, I applied for SSD and was approved. I had to fill out a form that asked about my functionig but it was at the very beginng and was included with all the other paperwork. I don't think this paper makes a dif right now. They absolutely need the paperwork fast. I took everything to them thhe next day or a fews days later and i had my first check(from SSI until my SSD started) within 2 months of filing. I got my SSD the next month. The doc. they send you to will make the decision basically. It all weighs on previous history documented by hospital and doctor records, and his evaluation. This is what the lady I dealt with told me. Hope it helps!

03/30/2008 06:00 PM
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I did receive that form shortly after applying for SSDI, I had to fill one out and then someone that was familiar with my day to day living. I was approved in about three months time. I have heard that this varies from state to state on timeframe. I was never sent to their doc for an evaluation.

Good luck with this.



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