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09/15/2007 11:01 AM

when to step back

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Hi there,

My boyfriend who lives with me as well, is in the throws of acute mania right now. He is scattered, hostile, short tempered and has sensored me as to what I am allowed to talk about - namely his illness.

I had to tell him to leave because i could not handle the verbal abuse. i love him dearly and his illness has come between us rather than specific relationship problems. He was in the hospital last week after a trautamatic incident but was let out two days later.

He is still clearly manic, still not sleeping, abusing drugs and alcohol and not taking the seroquel he was prescribed for the mania.

I know he loves me but I am so lost at this point. How can I help him?


09/15/2007 12:34 PM
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I don't think you can help him ,right now. He has to be ready to get help for himself.

I am bipolar and, I went for years running from my disorder, and reality, through drugs and alcahol, and no one could help me, until, I was done, and ready for help.

I especially didn't want to discuss the matter, until, I was ready to get honest about my situation. He also has to get help for himself not for you. You can't do anything to convince him ,until he's ready. No matter how he tries to blame you ,or shut you out, or accuse you of doing stuff you didn't do, it's not you it's his disease.

So, your right, step back, and ,let him go run out his mania out until he drops. It usually does. It is a sad disorder.

But, there is hope , as you know some of us have found help on here and are on the road to better lives. So, maybe he'll stop eventually. But, in the meantime, take care iof you and live your life.

I hope this helps, Gypsy


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