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07/18/2009 01:15 PM


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Why is it that I can be so nice, supportive, friendly, and fun with friends, but I always take everything out on my boyfriend?

This has happened on different occasions with different boyfriends. I alternate between hot and cold constantly. I shower them in affection, and then ignore them or push them away because I'm so irritated. AND I always, always find myself questioning my love.


Maybe I should just let him go.


07/18/2009 03:33 PM

Gracie- it is ok. It is probably him not you. lol Men have a way to irritate us so we feel up and down and all over the place. When you do this with the different bfs - do they break up with you? If not than why worry about it. If they are not leaving you they must be ok with it. Go ahead and be your divine self. If he don't like it - NEXT!

07/18/2009 06:14 PM
Posts: 86

Thank you, April. That made me giggle!

07/19/2009 01:03 AM
bagofcandyPosts: 1259
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Hey gracie, I kind of do the same thing....except I never let things get to the boyfriend stage cause I get completely freaked out when I like someone...and stop seeing them or make it clear that we'll only ever be friends and they move on.

In my case, I think it's cause of daddy issues....

I wouldn't dump him cause you get irritated and take it...unless you're only with him cause he's there if you know what I mean.

Why do you think you do it?


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