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07/14/2009 03:35 AM

things you can't say when you're crazy

zinniaPosts: 3990
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"if everyone else jumped off a bridge would you do it, too?" (um, maybe)

"you're driving me nuts (crazy, bonkers, etc.)"

"that's going to send me straight to the looney bin (nut house, etc)"

"if she says that one more time, i'm going to kill myself"

"what do you think i am, crazy or something"Wink Shocked Tongue


07/14/2009 04:57 AM
Posts: 5493
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LOL Zinnia! If I had a memory I'd add to your funnies. Maybe something will come to me later.

BTW--when I yell out the one about killing myself my husband always scolds me. Smile

07/14/2009 05:02 AM
Posts: 42707
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I'm an Advocate

"I could slap him silly."

"I am going to take them out." ( and I don't mean on a date...)

07/14/2009 05:51 AM
Posts: 33

I'll kill him you dig the whole

07/14/2009 06:06 AM

"they must not have taken their meds today." i say that all the time about clients.

"if my children don't shut up i'm going to lock them in the closet and duct tape their mouths."

07/14/2009 06:13 AM
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I volunteer at the mental health centre in the beauty salon and once when a client and I were speaking to each other I said, "oh, that's crazy" Was sooo embarrassed. I think she was an employee of the centre, thank God.

Those sayings zinna are so Grin

07/14/2009 07:10 AM

Someone I know says his neighbor gets a crazy check

07/14/2009 07:34 AM
Posts: 5493
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HA! I just came up with on. I was writing in Mood Tracker and my last sentence was "Being crazy isn't all it's cracked up to be". Well, I thought it was funny anyway. Smile

07/14/2009 08:12 AM
Posts: 1

I need some Hellp here. First time doing this.

I am a man, that has been seeing a Great LADY That happens to be Bi-Polar Mix anything you can me I am open to.

I told her at Doc. office when we went to her first App. I would go with her to all of them "If she would let me..!" was that good or not.

I would like to have some understand of a Q. & A. for the Doc. alao..!

Please Help a Man in LOVE with a Lady that just happens to have Bi_Polar Mix..! Smile


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