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06/19/2009 11:32 AM

the baby is almost here

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so I havent posted in a while...sorry. My pregnancy hasnt exactly been the easiest. and that's an understatement! But here I am at 34 weeks! Only 6 weeks left! Now I am getting nervous! I am so afriad of bringing her home. I am not afraid of hurting her, I am afraid of post pardum depression. Because I was so sick my first trimester I got the green light to not take my meds anymore. I have been doing really well. Lately things are becoming harder, but so far I am ok. My biggest problems are i see/hear things and I have trouble finding words and concentrating. But I can deal with that. It is the unknown that I have having trouble with! I have never been a mom before so I have NO idea what I am doing! Any BP moms have any tips?

06/19/2009 03:02 PM

I don't have any tips but wanted to welcome you back to the group. How excited you must be!

06/19/2009 04:13 PM

i am a bp mom. number one tip...don't panic just because they cry. it's OK! usually they are hungry, tired or wet. but if they are just grumpy and you don't know what to do and you are frustrated, it's ok to put her down for 10 minutes in her crib and walk away! get as much rest as you can. and don't be afraid to ask for help. when the baby sleeps you sleep!

06/19/2009 04:14 PM
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Take it day by day and try not to miss a moment. They grow sooo fast. Smile

06/19/2009 05:54 PM
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Congratulations! I know you are excited.

06/19/2009 07:24 PM
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I'm so happy for you. I hope the remaining wks go well. I had post-partem and I knew right away and sought help for it. I joined a "mothers group" and met with other moms which helped me very much. Don't be afraid of ppd, it does pass. I stayed on an anti-dep during pregnancy but went off of my lithium. I think being pregnant and the hormones and all, I did not get too emotionally ill, but I was seeing a therapist regularly.

I have a boy whos 9 and a girl who 11 and so far they are both healthy. Keep us posted, and best of luck.Smile

06/19/2009 08:31 PM
jennywrenPosts: 3162
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Hey good on you Stacey Smile


Is there anyway you can go to to learn Baby Skiils? Or do ask a friend or two who has a baby. Most mothers are only too happy to help.


Are you going to breast feed the baby? This may cause a a problem re meds. But your doctor should know all about what drugs are safe to take if breast feeding.


I hope that you have seen your pdoc and let him know how you are currently feeling.


It is not surprising that you are now finding things harder, and of course it is most likely because you are no longer taking your meds.


In order to get your moods back as soon as possible the baby is born, get a plan set up with your pdoc and with the obstrician re what drugs you should take as soon as possible after the baby is born.


All the best to you,




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