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05/30/2009 06:10 AM

Really triggered by a friend

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I was already edgy yesterday when I was chatting with my best friend and we were discussing the possibility of going out for lunch. I said I could afford some place really cheap like McDonald's dollar menu. She had given me $40 last week for watching her kids and she was like "what happened to all your money?" WTF?????? It's called my phone, copays, toilet paper... and I still had some money left. What buisness is it of hers where my money goes? Then she's telling me I need to change my cell phone plan from prepaid to a regular plan. Oh yeah, just great, something that's gonna cost me more money just what I need when I have almost no money in the first place. I was having a bad day and i needed a FRIEND not a mother or a task master.

Then over lunch I tell her I'm doing some cleaning this weekend and she proceeds to remind me how messy and cluttered my previous apartments have been. (they were really bad) Thanks, I didn't need that either.

Later she calls me to tell me I have mail at her house and there was one thing that i really needed so I went up there and got it. (side note: i have an unstable living situation so all my mail is sent to my friends place) I told her about a phone call I had on the way to her place. The call was about a project I'm involved with and they want to take a few pics of me. So she tells me I should get my eyebrows waxed my mustash waxed (WTF? last time I looked in the mirror I didn't have one) and that I needed to do something with my hair and get some cover up. WTF?? Just a few hours before we were talking about my money situation and the lack thereof and now she's telling me to spend it on waxing? The purpose of the pics is to get me in a natural element, were are not talking some fashion shoot here.

So I get my mail and get ready to leave when i spot a piece of mail of mine on the lower computer desk shelf. It was information about my health insurance, which is kind of important. She said "I didn't look at the name because we get stuff like that all the time and i just throw it in a pile". Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...................... A few days before she gave me mail that was almost 2 months old that she had just found. Once again it was health insurance info. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............

I'm just flabergasted at this. It hurts so much more because it all came from a friend. I think I need to take a break from her.


05/30/2009 06:34 AM
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This person does not sound like a friend to me. If I were you, I'd drop her like a hot potato. You don't need people like that in your life.

05/30/2009 06:40 AM
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I definitely think you need a break from her! Good grief, that is no friend in my book. If I had a "friend" who talked to me like that, I wouldn't be spending time with her at all. Who knows, maybe she means well, but you don't need that kind of help right now, so take a breather while you think about the future of this relationship.

05/30/2009 09:33 AM
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change friends this one is poison

05/30/2009 11:43 AM
bagofcandyPosts: 1259
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It sounds alot like she resents you for some reason. If you think back on your relationship with her, how long has she behaved this way? Has she always been the "frenemy", or is this more recent? If it's the former, dump her definitely because she'll never change. If it's the latter, then after approaching her, maybe give her a chance. In either case, I'd ask her what her problem is, and tell her that your feelings are hurt.

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