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05/26/2009 03:40 PM

a freak accident. one more curveball thrown my way

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So, i had my memorial day pool party last night. It went well, my parents met my boyfriend, we all had a great time, i was very happy. Things were finally going well.

It started to rain, and the pool was warm, so we all decided to go swimming. My dog loves to swim, and i have taught her to jump in the pool with me at the same time. This turned out not to be a good idea. I got on the diving board, my dog was next to me. I'm not quite sure how it happened.

All i felt was diving into the pool, and feeling like i landed on a rock. Oh, did my face hurt. I figured i had landed ontop of my dog. I came up holding my face, saying that i landed on her and it hurt, but i didn't not want to make a big deal, shake it off and not ruin the great time we were having. There was no chance.

Everyone started freaking out. I ran into the bathroom and looked at my face. I did not land on her. She jumped into the water at the same time, dove front feet first, directly, into my face.

**check out the pics photo.php?pid=35774510&id=23207218

Deep gashes all over my face. Emergency room time. My wonderful boyfriend drove me and stayed with me the whole time. 15 stitches all together. My looks always got me places. I'm not conceited but i know i'm beautiful, this was stripped from me within 2 seconds.

I was supposed to leave for my summer job in 3 days, i was so excited. I am not going to let this keep me from going, i dont care what it takes. I do have to get plastic surgery. My boyfriends dad is a doctor and is calling around to take care of it. Him and his family really came through last night, and this morning. I cannot be more greatful.

Just wanted to take the story, those jiggs at the ER didn't even give me any painkillers, and stitched one of them up wrong, hince the need for plastic surgery now. Sad(

When all this happened, i remained very calm. When traumatic events happen, i go into mode, rational, relaxed, know exactly what to do, i was calming my friends down and taking care of everything, instead of vice versa. Anyone do this? I think maybe it triggers me into hypomania, and i know exactly what to do. I always do this is scary situations. Anyone else do this? Anyways want to mail me some pain killers? lol

I used to have my looks going for me. people stared at me everywhere i went it felt like. Now they will be staring for a different reason, because im not a thinner, younger, Quasi Motto

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05/26/2009 05:33 PM
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Now I'm very curious to see your picture. Smile

I sort of shut down during a crisis and tend to take care of others. I see this more as compartmentalizing, which is very common for abuse survivors, which I am.

05/26/2009 05:36 PM
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yes, that sounds much like what i do

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