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04/29/2009 02:19 AM

Daily Numbers April 29


1. Depressed - need my friends

1.5 Cranky- DEAL WITH IT!

2 = Depressed and I can tell it is going to hang around awhile

3. Depressed - but my favorite ______ < insert word could cheer me up

4 = partly cloudy, moving but not motivated, functioning

5 = fine, functional, steady, stable, working list

6 = looking forward to the day, sunny, energized

7 = feeling great, looking FANTASTIC, couldn't be better

8 = up since 4 am cleaning, rearranged the living room, wrote the President, had sex twice with myself!

9 = can't stop thinking, why are all these other people so slow and stupid, time is short possibilities unlimited, I need to write that down perhaps start a novel, get out of my way

10 = the television told me I was sent by God direct to save the world so I gave away all my worldly possessions and am walking the universe ridding it from evil as I find it...and it is everywhere


Good Morning Sunshine! Tongue Wake up buttercup! I am a 4ish -5 this morning. I am still tired and exhausted from the trip.

My mom is out of the hospital but she is still having some issues. I am going to be filing FMLA papers so I can take her to the doctor when she needs to go.

I have soccer practice tonight. The grass is going to be wet YUCK! ugh ewwwwww ewwwwwwwww LOL

Everyone have a great day! Smile


04/29/2009 03:15 AM
Posts: 404

Good morning family!

I am a 4 right now because I am starting school later today! yea for me! hurray for school!

My pdoc visit went well yesterday and I have another month of meds. I love the PAP (Patient Assistance Programs) because I could never afford all these meds without them!

You guys stay breezy!


04/29/2009 03:43 AM
Posts: 1030
Senior Member

Had a crisis yesterday and had to make emergency calls to my docs. I see them both today and pdoc decided while we were on the phone to put me on Ativan, so he called in a script to my pharmacy. Still at a 1, but I avoided him putting me in the hospital yesterday.

04/29/2009 06:01 AM
Posts: 31179
VIP Member

I think I'm both a 4 and a 8. Pretty unusual for me. I am getting ready to leave to see my mom in florida. So If I'm not around, that's where I'll be. My last daily numbers for awhile.

04/29/2009 06:24 AM
starbrightPosts: 7342
VIP Member

i'm a 888 yipidy doo da

04/29/2009 06:30 AM
Posts: 13729
Group Leader
I'm an Advocate

i'm between a 4 and 5 today.

04/29/2009 06:32 AM
Posts: 89

I am a 2/4 today but my father is home so I don't feel so lonely. I am concerned that I won't be well enough to return to school in August and that I will not be able to get a job, so I'm a bit stressed out. My unemployment benefits run out next week and I will have to wait on the phone for an hour to see if I can file for emergency benefits, which I was told I was not eligible for on the internet. I hate arguing with people! ARGGGG!! Sad

04/29/2009 07:08 AM
Posts: 7297
VIP Member

I feel like a 1.5 and a 4 this morning. My emotions are flat due to the headache I had yesterday. I've been getting alot of them lately because of spring allergies and the weather changing at the drop of a hat. One day it's 80 degrees and the next it's 40. I also feel irritable, but don't know why. I'm going to download a few YouTube videos of my favorite music while reading MDJ to see if that helps improve my mood to a 6 or 7.

04/29/2009 07:13 AM
Posts: 5693
VIP Member

I'm a 3/7 going to get outside and play, maybe that will help

04/29/2009 07:22 AM
Posts: 1079

I think I may have reached a 6 today. I'm in a good moood.. I feel good.. THe day is beautiful.

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