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03/30/2009 12:41 AM

I am New to MDJunction - Mania VS Happiness??


I have Bipolar II, so I do not experience mania that much. My problem is differenciating mania from happiness. How can one tell from the other. Any suggestions?

I also wonder what is Average and what is Bipolar II. How do I know when my actions and words are average and when they are of Bipolar II? Any suggestions?


03/30/2009 01:18 AM
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What's really difficult to distinguish is hypomania from happiness, as the two are oftentimes synonymous, at least for me personally.

Initially it was very difficult for me to tell happiness apart from mania, especially when the "happiness" followed an extreme depressive period. Things to look out for are: periods where you feel energized after very little sleep, having racing thoughts that are just flying through your head and it's hard to catch on to one in particular, decreased appetite (in my case, this can be different for some people), increase in risky behavior (for me this was stealing meds from family and taking 6mg of klonopin, and passing out in an abandoned house - stupid, but I've been hospitalized three times since), you seem to take on 239843254 tasks but only finish one or two, or maybe none...

Mania is much different from happiness because it is out-of-character. Like I said, anything feels great after you've come out of a depressive period. Try to get a friend or family member or anyone close to you to point out when you seem to be acting out-of-character or a little "wild". A simple reminder from this individual might help you catch yourself.

03/30/2009 01:53 AM
TxbipolarbearPosts: 10

I get crazy ideas when I am manic. A wanderlust takes over. I want to drop everything I am doing to do something my thoughts tell me will make me happy. I have dissected happiness, in my own life, and I have noticed: i want to eat my cake and have it too.

the key is being happy is being happy with what I have, I dont have a problem with that when I am depressed.

03/30/2009 03:12 AM
jennywrenPosts: 3163
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This might help you decide the difference it is from a website. Other web sites may give slightly different symptoms.

Symptoms and characteristics of hypomania include:


Decreased need for sleep

Pressured speech

Racing thoughts


Tendency to engage in behavior that could have serious consequences, such as spending recklessly or inappropriate sexual encounters

Excess energy


03/30/2009 03:25 AM
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When I'm hypomanic, I feel better than usual, overconfident, I'm restless and irritable.

When I'm manic, I feel extremely happy, as if I have tons of energy, I have difficulty concentrating, I talk rapidly, I have heightened creativity and increased productivity. I feel extremely irritable towards the middle of a manic episode and severely depressed towards the end of an episode. I also say things I don't mean, laugh at inappropriate times and am very flirtatious with strangers.

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