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05/16/2012 07:36 PM

nothing ever changes!

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Sad I guess I still am not important enough to my husband. Or my kids unless they need me to do something for them. I feel like a friggin robot! Mot a mom not a wife. Not anything! Because my husbands job and cigarettes are more important. Playing on his ipod is more important. My kids cant even tell me they love me once in a while unless I whine about it. I should not have to do that just to get a hug or I love you mom out of them. Obviously I don't mean that much to them or to my husband! So tell me why I should give a crape about anything?!!!!! I guess I an a joke!

05/16/2012 07:44 PM
YrollamPosts: 2476
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You are not a joke. You are a loving mother and wife. I am sorry you are not getting the love and respect you deserve from your family. Although I highly doubt they don't love you, they just have forgotten how important it is to express their love. Since this is distressing you so much and making you feel bad I suggest you talk to your family about how their actions or inactions make you feel.

05/16/2012 09:35 PM
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I agree, talk to your family about it. Call a family meeting and tell them how they are making you feel. Communication is really important with all people. I'm sorry you are feeling unloved. They love you. It sounds like they are having a hard time expressing it to you. I hope that talking to them will make them realize that you need more than you are getting.

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