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05/07/2012 08:01 PM

Delusions of reference or synchronicity?

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Just wondering if when you are manic (or experiencing a psychotic state etc) and have delusions of reference, are they sometimes so convincing they may be synchronicity instead of your mental illness?

Just in case anyone doesn't read psych lingo, delusions of reference means that a person thinks some reference is for them when it isn't - like you might hear a song on the radio and are deluded into thinking it is for you. Or you might think the news reader on the TV is talking directly to you when this isn't the case (bad explanation but it gets the idea across). Synchronicity (Carl Jung talks about synchronicity) is where coincidence happens in your life that is TOO unlikely and frequent to be just accidental coincidence. ""

I get delusions of reference when I am really mentally ill sometimes, but sometimes it is too real to be just in my head.

Like sometimes i might be driving in the country and there are few cars around obsessing about something I NEVER think about for the past hour - a rare subject, and then I might see a personalized number plate on the only car I have seen for miles that overtakes me and the word on the number plate is exactly what I am thinking about. This kind of thing happens to me a lot.

I think to myself I am having a delusion of reference but sometimes it is so unlikely for the event to happen I really wonder.

Does anything like this happen to anyone else when well or manic?

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05/07/2012 11:06 PM
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This kind of stuff used to happen to me constantly when I was manic. Every once in a while it still happens. I believe in sychronicity. I think it happens. But, when you are manic perhaps we are more alert to these "connections". We are hyper-aware. You know what I mean? I just hate it when I can see signs and other people do not or cannot. Occasionally I will be with someone who will see them too. Smile

Great topic! I hope more will post. I find the notion of sychronicity very interesting.


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