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04/28/2012 04:51 PM

stopped medications

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I am treating my bipolar disorder naturally. For the past two months I have stopped all medications. I feel fine. I just get very restless and agitated. Until recently I was drinking a lot everyday. I quit it has been a week. I take vitamins everyday and a lot of natural supplements and get 8 hours of sleep. Is there any other supplements I can take? I have cyclothymic disorder. I also have been getting moody lately and sometimes depressed. I have had the urge to get drunk all day. I feel restless today and unable to focus. I just hate these medications the side effects were so bad and I have gained a lot of weight. My mom says they changed my personality completely. I just want to deal with this disorder naturally. I quit the final drug last week seroquel. I was taking 37 mg. I had cut it down from 150 mg. My doctor doesn't approve of me getting of these medications at all. I just can't afford the high insurance and the cost of them anymore. I also want to deal with this the natural way. Any advice?

04/28/2012 06:51 PM
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Hi Anoronha,

I'm probably the one you want to talk to, as not many people can deal with bipolar disorder without medications. I've been off meds totally for almost a full year and 99% of the time I'm not symptomatic. For me, I feel that bipolar symptoms can come and go. I think I am in remission right now.

What do you take for vitamin supplements?? I take a bunch (see list). Also you really need to try and watch your diet. Try to eat a lot of green leafy veggies. A salad for lunch or dinner. Fruits especially those with antioxidants. system-super-foods-optimal-health[url]

Next on the list is exercise, I walk for my job and I usually walk 6 hours a day. ( You probably don't need that much.) But at least one hour a day is probably what you should shoot for. If you have to break it up into segments, 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there. Definitely try to get outside and into the sun every day. (Even if its really cold out!)

Last is sleep (this should really be first)! Get 6- 8 hours a night. Too much probably means you are depressed. Too little manic. Try to have a routine with your sleep. Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time EVERY DAY!!! I went to a conference on bipolar disorder today and this was key to one of the speaker's discussion. She said that you can have 1-1 1/2 hours leeway, but no more than that. Also she noted that keeping your animals out of your bedroom is important as they tend not to sleep as soundly as humans and will wake you up.

NAC might help you if you have the urge to drink. Definitely stay away from alcohol if you are depressed. It's just going to depress you further. If I'm out with my friends, I might have a few drinks, but for the most part I avoid it like the plague. I feel that I don't need any help getting depressed. I've also seen the effects of alcohol on a lot of different people, most did not turn out well, unless they stopped drinking.

I hope this advise helps you. Keep in touch with your pdoc so that if it doesn't work out, you have someone who can help you. Best of luck, Maria


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