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04/28/2012 04:46 PM

Songs and music playing in my head and Lamictal.

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I am mildly Bipolar (I think it's mild) Cannot focus, concentrate, and lose time. At night, I wonder where the day went. Some manic episodes. OK - I saw some discussions about songs and music getting stuck in there heads. I have it constantly when I'm inactive except when I'm sleeping. I just have to think of a song and it takes off. I can change the song at will but trying to stop it makes it worse. Some felt it was because they were bipolar. I think it could be the Lamictal or similar meds. Maybe I have a propensity towards it but it certainly was never like this or a problem until I started lamictal. I'm at 400 mg a day now. Thanks for listening.

04/28/2012 09:46 PM
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Welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry you are dealing with these songs stuck in your head and the troubles with focus, concentration and lost time. Speak with your doctor about this. If your next appointment is far away, see if you can call and get in sooner.

We are always happy to listen and I am glad you posted to introduce yourself.Smile

Feel free to private message (pm) me or any other group leader if you ever have any questions.

04/29/2012 06:13 AM
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They are called "earworms" and they torment me, too. I have songs stuck in my head all day long. It's worse when I get manic because they will get jumbled together and jump haphazardly from one to the next. Sometimes they are annoying commercial ditties from my childhood and those really drive me to distraction. I try to force my mind to switch music, but I sometimes can't do it. I take 400 mg of Lamictal, too, but I had the problem beforehand, so I don't think I can make a correlation between the two.

04/29/2012 06:31 AM
ZadieBluePosts: 4547
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I get earworms -- sometimes constantly and sometimes never. I try to examine them, asking WHY this song, WHY now? I look up the lyrics and it always correlates with what I'm doing. I knew I was in a bad bad mood when I got "Kiss With a Fist" (Florence + the Machine) stuck in my head while teaching kids!!! I didn't need to look that song up to know that something was brewing. Earworms can offer you a lot, but too much of it can be exhausting for sure. Hope you feel better soon.


04/29/2012 04:59 PM
KimberlyRPosts: 108

i've had songs day and night. now it's every couple days or so i wish you the best

04/29/2012 07:13 PM
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I always had songs stuck in my head since as early as I could remember. When I was depressed, the music stopped or died down significantly. Recently, I went on a higher dosage of lamictal(300mg) and I also started to hear the music more often in my head. I told my doctor about it and he says that it happens to everyone, not just those on meds. It's great for me though because I have a deep passion for music, dancing, singing, and DJing.

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