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04/24/2012 03:58 PM


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Thought i would say hello, and say a little bit about myself; i was told i have bipolar when i was 19 and it took me a long time to deal with it, i turned to drugs at first to try and block it out, but after years of fighting it, i have now come to terms with it and that it is part of me. i try to have as much of a normal life as i can, but it's hard. i don't talk to either of my parents as there find it hard to deal with and can't cope with it. my mum don't believe in any mental health conditions, and thinks it's all made up.

some times i'm so down i just stay in my bedroom for days, but the worst is the hypo days as i go out and do things without thinking about them, like booking a holiday we couldn't effort or leaving my job because i want a change in career without having another job to go to.

i have two children, who it can be hard on. my son Ryley who is 4 is very good as he knows when i'm down and will sit with me giving me cuddles.


04/24/2012 04:19 PM
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Hello and welcome to the group! It's hard if your family doesn't believe the diagnosis and support you. It sounds like you experience a roller coaster of mood swings. Are you on any medications?

How sweet that your Ryley is so good with cuddles. But it can be hard on our children. My son lived with my mood swings before I finally got on medications, but that wasn't until he was around 14. I wish I had sought help soon.

This is a very supportive group. Feel free to PM me or any group leader.

04/24/2012 09:40 PM
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I try to explain to my kids that mummy's feelings are sick. Mummy doesn't feel sick but her feeling are sick which means mummy feels sad or angry when there's nothing to be sad and angry about. I'm sure they go through hell when I'm throwing my own tantrums, and I'm sure they must get scared at times. I probably don't hug them enough even though my doctor says no-one has ever died of an overdose of hugs.

Sometimes it makes me feel even more guilty that I'm unwell.

The up-side (if there is one) is that I can see the mental and emotional issues my children are struggling with and I'm trying to get the help they need and that I know that I needed when I was their age. I hope for a better future for them!

Take care of you as well as them. It's a rough haul with kids, they know how to push the buttons.


04/24/2012 10:20 PM
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Hi. You aren't alone in your family not accepting or believing in mental illnesses. There are many here that don't have support from their families. It's sad and I think it is really hard on the bipolar person. I'm sorry that you deal with this. Your children love you. I think it's very sweet that your 4 year old does that. This is a great support group and you are not alone anymore. You have us to turn to and lean on. Welcome to the group!

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