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04/11/2012 03:42 PM

Hope to all !!!

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I suffered Bipolar, I mean I suffer Bipolar. However, as I have said before here, I came through it and with the right drugs and with the right support, but most importantly more recently with the realisation of what life is about, I shall never suffer again.

Although Bipolar is due to a chemical imbalance in the body, you can with the right drugs, beat it with gusto.

I was lucky and had the support of my Director all the way as he had been through something similar to a lesser extent. I now praise my Director and phoned him the other night to support him when he was emotionally struggling with a difficult announcement in the office.

Please remember, the meaning of life is quite simply "Happiness".

Please try to realise that as dark as it may seem, there is hope and you will find your way out. I spoke to someone the other day and he said his brother suffered very badly from Bipolar, but he would not accept it. The key to Bipolar is to accept it for what it is. Once you have done this you can beat it, but until then you cannot start to rebuild. I hope these words of wisdom touch someone and please if you wish to talk then e-mail me at I am more than happy to discuss.

With best wishes for the future.



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