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03/03/2012 07:44 AM


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I wake up with my baby mama beside me in a pretty good mood until my head wakes up and starts racing with thoughts that i dont want, the ones that get me depressed or mad. If i am not asleep i always think of shit that upsets me.. But i keep it in so i wont stress out my girl or the baby.

03/03/2012 08:47 AM
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I am sorry that your morning starts out well and then turns on you. I really hope you will consider contacting your pdoc. You don't need to suffer like this.

I well remember racing depressed thoughts and they are horrible and dangerous.


03/03/2012 10:56 AM
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The racing thoughts are quite overwhelming. I think you probably need an adjustment in your medications because you shouldn't be having these things happen to you while you are medicated. You can express yourself here. We will be here to listen. Keeping things in makes it harder on you. I hope you feel comfortable enough to let it all out. We will support you.

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