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02/26/2012 07:59 PM

Why Do I Do These Things!

jennywrenPosts: 3196
Senior Member

Had an appointment with pdoc at 5:30pm to-morrow. His office rang and asked me if I wanted a cancellation they had for 9:20am. Now I knew that was much too early for me. ie seroquel and going to sleep late.

But knowing the pdoc was going away on the 1st of March I let the appointment go, and thinking that he might be able to finish up early.

Of course woke up this morning I would not have a hope of making the earlier appointment, as would be falling all over the place.

So rang up this morning to see if the 5:30pm one was still there. Nope it was not (would not have expected it to be). So am now having a telephone consultation at 9:20am. A pity not seeing him.

Tis just for med adjustment. Still suffering from this damned morning depression.

One of these days I will not sacrifice myself for others. Well that might be a bit dramatic, but I guess you will know what I mean.



02/26/2012 08:23 PM
Posts: 2851
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I'm an Advocate

I know just what you are talking about, being almost too eager too to accomodate others. Sorry you ended up with a phone consult instead of in person.

Hope your morning depression clears for you.

02/26/2012 09:01 PM
Posts: 32

I have a terrible sleep schedule also. My psychiatrist had informed me that trying to better my sleeping habits can help with my depression. When you have a routine sleep pattern and you get up early, those morning rays make a difference in the way your chemicals make you feel. I'm currently trying to sleep more normally, but it is hard. Late night is when my mind doesn't stop and my sadness is at its strongest.

02/27/2012 07:56 AM
Linda27Posts: 227

I too have done this on many occasions, scheduling appointments when I know it won't be easy to make it or scheduling to much in a day. Its frustrating and I know I shouldn't but I do.

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