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01/05/2012 01:16 PM

extreme highs and lows?


anyone have these like i do alot

one minute i feel like its best to die

then i think i can do anything and go be a freaking actor in india!!

btw i wonder cuz when i watch indian movies i feel like i really connect with the actors - but show biz can be brutal and it needs lots of self esteem and i have like 0 so everyone would tear me up.

i wonder if i should keep idolizing them because maybe in real life they would be mean to me.

this a clip from my favorite movie - and it has subtitles too so u can understand it also sumarizes the whole movie! context=G28608caALTwYQegAAAA

so idk

i used to think life was all set out and whatevers meant to happen will happen - but now im like man i cant do anythinga nd my lifes over and ill be on disability and on computer for rest of my life Dizzy


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