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12/20/2011 02:50 PM

Bipolar Relationship Advice

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12/20/2011 04:12 PM
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I'm very sorry for your troubles. I generally just lay it out there, so pardon me, but you need a new psychiatrist. It is common knowledge that antidepressants cause mania when given without mood stabilizers. Lithium is a wonderful drug and tbere are other good mood stabilizers out there.

Your family, boyfriend and even you yourself should make a list of symptoms that lead up to a mania. At first appearance of them, contact your new pdoc and ask for a med adjustment. Therapy will help you with this too.

I hope I haven't come on too strong, but I feel strongly about pdoc incompetence since I was misdiagnosed and given meds which sent me into a mania, then severe depression before I was properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

12/20/2011 04:17 PM

I agree with Yorkie. I feel like your pdoc isn't listening to you and you are telling him you are doing things out of carachter. You are not destined to be alone you are fairly new to the diagnosis and it can take awhile to get stabilized and on the right cocktail, but once you get there you can live your life fairly normally.

12/22/2011 09:57 AM
sadsnackeyPosts: 17

My girlfriend and I were together for 4 years. We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary 3 weeks ago and we were both happy and proud.

When we first got together it was amazing, love at first sight. After 5 months we were still in the honeymoon phase and giddy as ever. Til one day she said she didn't love me and wasn't ready to settle down. It came outta the blue. Earlier that day we were talking about how we couldn't wait to see eachother later and saying "i love you". I was blind-sided, how could she say she didn't love me and just break it off like flipping a switch? She was remorseful, she told me how great the time was that we had together and that all the feelings that we had before were real, I deserved someone who would wanna settle down w/ me but it could not be her. I was devastated. 3 days later she came to me wanting to talk. She said that she had been forgetting to take her meds, the night time meds which is depakote. It is very important that she take these every night. She said that when she doesn't take them she can't feel anything for me. I forgave her and we moved on. I monitored her meds.

Fast forward to 3.5 years later and out of the blue the other day, while talking about getting our christmas tree, she says we need to talk. She doesnt know if she is in love w/ me anymore and she doesn't wanna be settled down. Just like that! Just like the first time. There was no warning. She has been saying and showing me how much she loves me everyday, all the way up until the moment she dumped me.

Recently we have been going thru a boring spell. Winter hit, it's dark, we work all the time. She had mentioned wanting to cut her dose of meds.She said she was happy and stable and she thought she could handle it. I told her I feared she'd break-up w/ me again and I asked her to please go thru the proper channels w/ her doc. Shortly after that she confessed to forgetting to take them a few times. I got scared and she reassured me that she was back on track and that she loves me very much. The week leading up to her leaving me, I know she was skipping the depakote alot, but taking her celexa during the day. She was drinking every night and staying up late.


It took her a matter of minutes to break-up w/ me and leave and when she left she didn't take her meds with her. She came back for them 2 days later. She has moved back in w/ her Mom and her family is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Everything she has always talked about wanting and needing we have created together and she was so happy. Suddenly she wants the opposite of all of it. She moved out. Everyone is in shock. She does, however, seem very "together" and very set in her decision. I still can't wrap my brain around what has happened and I feel so sad and defeated.

Hearing these stories helps so much. Thank-you.

12/22/2011 10:25 AM

I agree that you should find another pdoc, and I'm speaking from terrible, terrible experience when I say that incompetent doctors can wreck you. Antidepressant monotherapy in patients with bipolar disorder can be downright dangerous.

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