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12/17/2011 12:11 PM

Switching from Seroquel XR to regular Seroquel...

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I've been taking Seroquel XR for about a month now and although it was great for getting to sleep, it made it extremely difficult to up and going the next day--I was sleeping anywhere from 12-14 hours/day and feeling low energy throughout the day as well. I thought this would go away with time but it never did. My pdoc switched me to regular Seroquel yesterday (so last night was my first dose of regular Seroquel). Already today I can tell a difference. I went to sleep with no problem, woke up after 10 hours of sleep with no problem and feel a new alertness that I didn't feel when on the Seroquel XR. Just wanted to share/report this for those that have a similar issue with Seroquel XR.

12/17/2011 12:37 PM
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Hi Angelique44

I had a similar change as you did. I was put on 300XR Seroquel, and was up at about midday and had to take it at 6pm, so did not really get much of a day. Then I was switched to 300 at night, not XR and it Mae all the difference. I then went down to 200g at night and take 25g in the morning because I had to come off my mood stabilizer lamotrogine.

The XR is extended release and it just keeps releasing that's why we were so groggy all day!

Glad you are feeling more clarity.




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