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12/13/2011 10:52 AM

Day Treatment today *sigh*(page 2)

ZadieBluePosts: 4583
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I have a case of adult-onset oppositional defiance. I will not be told to relax with a bunch of people I don't know.

Social worker intern: "Close your eyes".

No. No way in hell.



12/13/2011 11:18 AM
CatbalooPosts: 6910
Group Leader

I think I must have that, too.

12/13/2011 06:51 PM
Posts: 1820
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What the hell does this have to do with bipolar? The freakin insurance co is getting charged for muscle relaxing techniques. Geez in gym class that was called stretching. Don't they know that shit completely irritates bipolar people. Whats next pottery and tic tac toe. I am sorry Zadie, you need to be teaching an english class some where.

12/13/2011 07:00 PM
Posts: 31179
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Sadie, I've been through this type of therapy too. It's not bad, but telling me to meditate with eyes closed sucked.

When I was there I was in the self injury group. Me and a bunch of teeny boppers. Talk about being an outcast. What do they have in common with me. But we did the same stuff. Group therapy, skills group, music group, gym, art and spirituality. And it took awhile to take all these classes till they thought I was using the skills.

I was there for 2/3 weeks. When I was there the first time, I was there 9 weeks. Like you said just an excuse for tapping the insurance company.

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12/13/2011 07:26 PM
ZadieBluePosts: 4583
VIP Member

I had a choice between ED, Psych 101, DBT (I used to teach it!), or this program. It's so ghetto I can't stand it, and the whole time I watch these therapists as an ex-therapist and I am deeply disappointed. God they must be so bored! Meanwhile part of me is still manic: I talk too much about strange things (e.g. No one around here has a vocabulary stretching beyond 4-letter words), I get restless and bored and groups are way too slow. Then I go home and blow $2000 that I definately don't have. For the first time ever I feel completely on my own, that no one can help me. My shrink: Always voicemail, no return emails. It's like she wants me to disappear.

Speaking of which, this is sickly funny: When my parents came to visit me in the hospital they had no idea that it was floor after floor of suicidal and / or survivors of suicide attempts. Mom: "You're not like that are you?". I guess they thought I was at insurance-reimbursable adult camp or something.

Don't know why I just thought about that. I feel lost, hopeless, and sort of out of control. Where in the HELL is my treatment team? My tdoc soooooooo wants to dump me, I know . . . .

I'll go to treatment tomorrow and then maybe that'll be it. My hospital friend is there and I want to see him one last time (unless I sleep in). As for the variety of groups around here: I live in a poor, ugly state. Highest instance of mental illness but with no funding.


12/13/2011 09:04 PM
Posts: 163

zadie- i'm in day treatment right now, too. stopped for awhile, then they lured me back in.

doesn't sound like you're ready to fly solo just yet. hang in there. just SHOW UP. you will get some benefit out of it.

best- princess680


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