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12/02/2011 08:39 PM

oh grrr!

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you know...dealing with my own issues is tough enough but sometimes i really want to throttle my husband! he's bipolar too but claims "it's only a mild case...i may have even outgrown it!" *insert eye roll here* yes because a totally sane person would come downstairs to get ready for work and b**** and yell because i had the audacity to be on the phone for the 45 minutes between when they wake up and head to work! i swear i wish santa would bring me a discreet audio recorder so he could HEAR just how absurd he is sometimes! mind you i was on the phone with HIS family talking about christmas. sorry but i just needed to vent a bit. i mean come least i ADMIT i'm crazy lol

12/03/2011 10:25 AM
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Bless your heart. My hubby is bipolar too and has manic episodes starting in September because that is when he lost his leg on a motorcycle. He always does something crazy. this year he stole a bag of combos and got caught. This is totally out of his character for him because we are Christians and don't believe in stealing. He ended up getting caught and had to spend a few nights in jail because I had to pay $250 to get our truck back and couldn't afford to get him out too. He ended up with almost a year probation. This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

He has finally realized the pattern and that he has severe mood swings and other issues that goes with BP. He finally went into a mental hospital for a few weeks and was diagnosed with BP I & II. He was also diagnosed as manic depressive.

It has been a bumpy road but it has been really good too and we love each other tremendously.

I hope things get better and your husband realize that he has a problem.

12/05/2011 07:51 PM
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oh every day gets worse and it's ALWAYS my fault! today was another absolutely ridiculous day and i refuse to speak to him unless necessary. when he gets like this he is verbally abusive to me and i spend weeks trying to crawl out of a husband induced depression. just GRRRR

12/06/2011 09:58 AM
JustJulie62Posts: 925

That just sucks. Plain and simple. Sorry your hubby is contributing to your foul moods - and can't admit to his own issues (or recognize them). Certainly two people with BP need to try and be good team mates. Wishing you well.

12/06/2011 10:12 AM
CatbalooPosts: 6829
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I'm sorry for your troubles. It must be very difficult dealing with someone who won't admit to their issues, especially when you acknowledge your own.

Is your husband on any medications for his bipolar disorder?

12/06/2011 10:16 AM

The frustrations that come from bipolar can cause things to flare up. Please be careful that he's doesn't cause yours to increase or begin.

Wishing you all the best.


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