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01/18/2009 02:41 PM

Bipolar and Fixation

jennywrenPosts: 3163
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Currently I am totally fixated on the diagnois I have been given on four occasions over past three or four months, re Bipolar, which I gather I suffer from. And suffer is the word! Although recent events from Thus the fixation re not knowing.

This fixation is most uncomfortable and am currently have Obessive (continally and repeatly thinking the same thought). My friend as told me I am fixated and he is most likely correct.

The phycologist, allowed me to leave his office not knowing if I was just an hysterical female, or I had Bipolar disorder. His reaction to the psychartist telling me that he had said that I had Bipolar Mixed States was not true. He did actually deny it. But said he had seen me manic.

But back to my question has anyone found themselves fixated on particuly people or any event of any kind

What I am looking for is any opinion as to whether "fixation" is a symptom of Bipolar




01/18/2009 02:47 PM
kyle2009Posts: 91

Hey JW- Have fixated both on people and things. The things were vintage gillette razors. Ebay made a pretty penny on me Smile Funny thing is, I have a beard.

so, n=2.

01/18/2009 02:53 PM
Posts: 5693
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jennywren, I dunno if fixation is a symptom of bipolar, but I have struggled with it regarding people and things too. For me it is usually with people, and it goes on for long periods of time when they occupy my mind almost constantly.

01/18/2009 02:55 PM
Posts: 1075
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i get fixated on people. its very hard for me to stop and sometimes it last for years. luckily the longer i am with my boyfriend the less fixations i get.

01/18/2009 06:18 PM
normaPosts: 10109
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I'm an Advocate

JennyWren...fixation as a symptom of bipolar disorder would be a good question to ask your doctor. If it is bothersome I am sure the doctor would want to know. It could be a symptom of another mental illness or personality disorder. Again a psychiatrist is the best source to get information on diagnosis. The the guide the psychiatrists use to determine symptoms.

My opinion for what it's worth is that becoming interested in something is what most people do from time to time. I guess the degree of the thoughts and how much of your time it takes up are the guide as to wheter it is healthy or not.

Good luck in finding the is a good one.

01/19/2009 01:27 AM
jennywrenPosts: 3163
Senior Member

My sincere thanks to all who replied. It has given me something to think about Smile

I love your dogs Jasmine. I love dogs and have had them just about all my life. I find now though that I just cannot give a dog, the love and attention it needs. A pity really, but not fair to the dog.

But I have a couple of Karrwong(sp) big black birds who visit here about twice a day in nest season for meat to feed their kids. Tis a great thrill when they bring their three kids for dinner.

Thankyou too Norma for your sensible comments. Again appreciated.


P.S. Sent an email to both treating professionals. Will see what they come up with when I see them again. A good possibility my meds are part of the cause of the problem.

Sodium Valproate great, but drug related rash, now Lamcital, appears to me not doing a darned thing to help me. I am surprised the psy did not advise me to go off it. And take some Zyprexa, until I see him next. Ah well such is life.

01/19/2009 06:35 AM
Posts: 5493
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I have had a problem with "fixating" on things and certain people my whole life. I have OCD and attribute it to that. Being obsessive is a symptom of OCD.

01/19/2009 06:50 AM

It is common to "fixate" while having a bipolar episode, especially for those of us who are dually diagnosed with anxiety disorders (and it is common for people with bipolar to also have an anxiety disorder). Usually the bipolar is treated and the anxiety disapates, if it does not then the anxiety, if causes significant suffering, needs to be treated as well.

It is normal to fixate on a new diagnosis (or anything new and uncomfortable). It is not necessarily a symptom of bipolar or anxiety. But certainly, you are experiencing anxiety about your diagnosis, which can be normal, but that is really an issue you should discuss with your mental health provider. Together, you can decide what your fixation means.

Don't be afraid to discuss your worries with your therapist and psychiatrist.

01/19/2009 06:57 AM
Posts: 915

Fixation as well as racing and repetitive thoughts are common. Sometimes it helps to do something that is "body focused" to get yourself out of your head.

01/19/2009 09:00 AM

My mother with untreated BP was so OCD that she painted her rocks in her yard and dried them every time it rained. She had a sign on her shower wall saying use the tub, the shower leaves drop stains. She fired a visiting nurse who cared for my quad brother because she splashed water on the sink and used one of the hand towels to wipe it off. The Shriners got my brother an electric wheel chair that really helped him, but she sold it because it would track dirt into the house. She's not so bad anymore, but it was so bad that you had the chore to wash dishes, but as soon as you were in bed, she would get up and wash them again! I'd say OCD and BP went hand in hand...

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