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11/18/2011 01:03 PM

Post-mania embarrassment

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I have recently returned after two weeks of mania, during which I said and did many things which I now find embarrassing and hurtful. How do you manage this? I haven't dipped into depression, but I feel like pulling the covers over my head in shame. I have to keep living with thee people I have offended and hurt. Any ideas on how to get over this?



11/18/2011 01:58 PM
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First of all, I'd contact your psychiatrist because you shouldn't be experiencing mania like that while on medications. Something is off and he needs to know so he can fix this. I'm sorry you said and did things that you are embarrassed about. I would apologize to the people. I don't know if they know that you have bipolar or not. I don't know if you want them to know that you have it. You could just say you weren't yourself when you said and did the things you did. That you had some issues to take care of that you are working on. As for guilt, you are just going to have to learn to forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. It is your responsibility to get the help you need though so that you can become and stay stable. I hope that it will be forgotten in time and you don't feel embarrassed. Everything usually dies down after a time. We can't control mania, we can just treat it. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs and welcome.

11/18/2011 03:32 PM
theGreyCattPosts: 275

One time I got pretty nutso and the things I thought others were thinking were amplified because of my own dysphoria. They didn't notice as much as I thought they did.

11/18/2011 04:06 PM
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I know I said some mean things (esp when I'm irritated) I regret immediately and apologize but then I get so angry at myself. I hate being this way. I really need to THINK before saying anything; but when I do think, I'm super late and then come off as disinterested in conversations. This is why I prefer hanging out in groups rather than just me and one other friend because I feel pressured T_T Especially if the other person doesn't understand it's not that I'm a rude, disinterested, "I don't like you / I'm not interested" vibe, but it's more so - I'm a HORRIBLE conversationist. I usually just prefer to listen, offer encouragement, etc. When on my bad days, I just like to vent. I really don't think I need the encouragement from others, as much as I REALLY super appreciate it when they do.

I think I'm getting super social-situation-phobic (without the physical symptoms. It's mostly all in my head of omga;sgha;siejflskdf) and so I'm distant. I've been wanting to avoid all social situations until I'm stabilized(?) bc I'm not on any medication atm, trying to control my mood isn't working. I feel like no one truly understands me now. I don't want to tell them I'm Bipolar because it might come off as an excuse for my rude behavior.


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