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01/15/2008 08:32 AM

bipolar and gambling

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Is there a connection between bipolar and gambling. My husband can't seem to give up gambling (poker) every weekend. It's been and ongoing problem in our marriage and he simply can't give it up eventhough he knows that it will eventually destroy our marriage. He lies all the time, and I can't trust him with money. Any advice?

01/15/2008 09:23 AM
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Since there is definitely a correlation between bipolar and addiction, I would venture to say that would include gambling. I know many bipolars, myself included, who are not very good with money. I was kind of shocked to learn that my medical condition contributed to my inability to be effective with money.

01/15/2008 05:39 PM
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My husband's psychiatrist told me that many other issues go hand in hand with bipolar. His issues are obsessive compulsive collecting

and alcohol consumption, and spending & lying...... LOTS of issues. Sad

01/15/2008 07:14 PM
Have Faith
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My bf, who I now call a bf after living with him for 4 years, use to be SO, is an alcoholic and spends money like it grows on trees. Not sure you read this in a previous post, but we had to sell our house because he wasn't working for a while ... that was a big weight off my shoulders. One month later he bought a $160,000 car. Between that and the continued drinking I ran from the stress. We are talking now and he is getting help re: drinking. I will support him through this (from afar). He doesn't gamble, but does like "nice" things. He justifies it by saying with his nutty brain doesn't know if he will be around the next day so he wants to enjoy his time while he can. I'm all for enjoying life but at what cost?

01/16/2008 10:53 AM
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I also have a glambbing with bingo but I also dont handle money wisely

either, its very hard at times but my husband tries to keep me to spending

as little but I go through my minic times and then depression Ive learned

to keep talking to my family they help, bless you all

01/19/2009 05:45 AM
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hi isabel...

i am bipolar 1, rapid cycling and i am also a professional poker player.

i am at the casino or in an online game 7 days a week - it's how i make a living. a damn good living at that. (lol as a matter of fact, i'm posting this via my blackberry while waiting for my table to break. Pinch)

heres the thing:

i don't lie about where i am, i adhere to a strict budget, i pay my mortgage and bills on time every month, and i don't have a wife who hates it. if i did, i'd stop and find another job.

so maybe the question isn't so much "is bipolar directly related to gambling?" as it is "does my husband have a gambling problem?" because all people with bipolar disorder exhibit different symptoms - it's how we handle them that matters. and everything we do is NOT a direct result of our bipolar disorder.

p.s. if he is not cooperating with treatment or taking meds, he MIGHT spend every penny you've got. Take control of your checkbook - don't let him anywhere near it until he can learn how to control himself.

in any case, i thought i'd give you this link to an article dealing with bipolar & gambling. i can't say i agree with everything in this article, but i don't have to agree with it - it's simply for you... likely-in-bipolar-i-disorder.htm

and here's a nother one dealing with gambling in general... i think you'll find this one ESPECIALLY interesting. factors-for-pathological-gambling/

good luck toots - hang in there.. if there's anything i can do to help or if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to PM me.


01/19/2009 05:51 AM
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i believe that there is a connection between bp and addictive personalities. i dont like gambling at all, but i tend to get hooked on a certain person, place or thing and i tend to need an overabundance of it till i have wore myself out. i know with of bp people its easy to get fixated on a certain thing, and gambling is a easy one to addicted to

01/19/2009 06:53 AM
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high risk behaviors are hallmarks of mania. they produce endorphins and adrenaline that cause a natural high while the impulse control and inhibition centers of the frontal lobe are being compromised.

some things, you learn over time, need to be avoided even if it takes drastic measures.

i have no access to our money or accounts. if i need money, my husband gives me cash.

01/19/2009 06:56 AM
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I stay away from Casinos, cuz I would feed all my money in the machines (and lose). But I enjoy playing Texas Hold 'em Tourneys here in my town. A set amount to play, and you get to play for hours.

It's booze that's my addiction....23 days sober.

01/19/2009 07:19 AM

Bipolar is a treatable disease and because of that we don't need our money taken from us. We don't need to be handcuffed to the house so we don't go spend money. We can have our own checkbooks and money and be very responsible. We aren't little children who have to be controlled every second of the day. We can hold down jobs. We can be good parents. Good spouses. Good people. We are not all liars and cheaters. How bipolar manifests itself is idiosyncratic--meaning all the myths don't apply. Even in my sickest moments I did not want to be sick. I always wanted to be well, the problem wasn't my desire, it was finding the right concoction, lifestyle changes, etc. If gambling is a problem then do something about it. If drinking is a problem then do something about it. I'm tired of a few bad apples giving people with bipolar disorder a bad rap. Stereotypes!

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