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09/16/2011 12:32 PM

music soothes the savage beast.

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I have found in the last couple weeks, since my meds have all but stopped working (yes this is being sorted, no this isnt the focus of this thread) that I have returned to some of my old coping mechanisms... Exercise, diet, drawing and most importantly, music.

I have taken to putting on a playlist of songs that make me smile, stuff i associate with happy memories. Or light hearted feelings.

I was wondering, if other people used music and any specific songs or artists they had as a "must listen to." i guess i feel music is helping where meds is failing, (yes still taking them, yes seeing my pdoc about it.) and i want to expand my play list

I really love a lot of the 50's 60's era songs to pick me up

Mr.Sandman and Civilization are just two "war era" songs i love. When music was pure.


09/16/2011 01:02 PM
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Yes, music is essential! At least to me feeling better. I'm always amazed how artists can translate thoughts and emotions into songs. We've had some wonderful threads where people put down their favorite or most inspiring songs. Lot's of interesting responses! I'll probably go as far back as Neil Young, anything that get's under my skin I'm grateful for.

09/16/2011 02:06 PM
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Music mostly always lifts my spirits, sometimes it even makes me feel 'high' gives me lots of energy. I'm glad to hear music is a coping mechanism for you i like some of the older music too, but for me its more the 70s that i like. I hope you can get your meds sorted out soon.

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