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01/06/2009 02:23 PM

frustrating posting


Sometimes feel more alone after having post then before.

i wonder often if people which feel so bad are better because we have no news.

I know it's just my personality but i am feel not free to talk as i am use to do because the site doesn't work like that and our cultures are differents too.

Posting for me is frustrating and having friends to chat in pm is not easy most of time.

so how many people have really become friends since the site exist ?

For me helping bipolar's friend is a long work so how if the only stay for a short time ?

Why not just a bipolar chat without specifics topics ?


01/06/2009 02:33 PM
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You are not alone.

Bipolar is universal.

Your communication, is NOT BAD, and you are VERY BRAVE for trying. You will get better, with it, the more you do it. Some people will be easier to communicate with others.

Hope you are having a good day Smile

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01/06/2009 02:34 PM
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Cygnet, I have developed several close friendships here. While there is a natural turn-over here, there are several that have been here for some time and keep coming back. For all the others we do what we can while they are here, it is all we can do.


We do have a thread here just for general chat (subjects are bipolar & everything else). Many of my friendships here have been developed on that thread. It is the place where we get to know each other better (even beyond the disorder, as individual people). Come on over and hang out any time.

01/06/2009 02:35 PM
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I know what you mean. It feels good when someone does respond though. I think we all need affirmationSmile Have a great night!


01/06/2009 05:56 PM
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I also look forward to responses to my posts. I think that is natural. I can understand also that time differences makes it harder you to get instant feedback, but please don't feel bad about it. Relationships take a little time in cyberspace just like they do face to face. I appreciate reading your posts, so please keep sharing.

01/06/2009 06:32 PM
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You can always go to the "is anyone awake thread" there are usually people chatting on it. I am sorry you are feeling lonely.

01/06/2009 06:47 PM

cygnet, I am so sorry you are feeling lonely. Since I started here you have just felt like one of the group, and a friend like everyone else. I for one want you to be here!

01/06/2009 07:51 PM
normaPosts: 10109
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Cygnet...I have several really close friends on this site...I am very close to them. This is a good place to make friends...a lot of times my close friends and I send PM's checking on each other...i hope you make some friends too, sweetie...there are a lot of good people here...I enjoy your posts and am glad you are with us...{{{hugs}}}}

01/06/2009 08:05 PM
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Cygnet, I hope to get to know you better so I can be your friend too.

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