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09/01/2011 07:27 AM

Feel so bad(page 2)


I'm not feeling very good right now. Sick at my stomach, again, a little woozy...of course, I just woke up, too. Either way, I wish I was feeling better...I'm tired of feeling bad. But, I've just got to finish today and tomorrow I can pick up my prescription.

Thanks, Eddie! I'll go check it out.



Post edited by: Zin, at: 09/01/2011 07:32 AM


09/01/2011 07:47 AM

randomeddie, Thanks for sharing the fitday link. This is the first online tool I have seen that offers a mood journal combined with a food and activity journal!

Zin- I am glad everything turned out ok. I have had mild panic attacks before and they really suck. Was he concerned about your pulse? Has it since returned to a normal reading? I ask because I have always had a high pulse and the doctors are sometimes concerened about it. Take care! Always enjoy hearing from you!


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