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07/05/2011 06:44 PM

not losing it with family

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hi guys Smile i have been hanging in there but i have taken all of my klonopin and am very anxious and have some anger going on too. my brother and snotty sister in law and my niece are from texas to visit tomorrow. do you guys have some suggestions about how i can keep my cool around them and my mother and my oldest daughter who is a brat and ... ohh i feel like i'm going to freak out right now. my mother has been bitching and bitching all day and my kids and i are living here and i just can't take it anymore plus my daughter being smart and my sister in law makes all kinds of snotty comments and i usually lose it when too much tension builds. then i'm the crazy one again. help!

07/05/2011 06:54 PM
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Wow...I can sooo relate to your situation right now...when I'm stressed or anxious, upset about other things even, when MY family (esp. my sister and my dad) makes snotty comments or antagonizes me, I blow up hardcore and give them a great's awful. I get some advice from the anger management group on here too...

If it is at all possible, before you blow, when you feel tension mounting, get by yourself! Do some breathing exercises and know you do NOT have to surround yourself with them, fam. or not, if it's not good for you...

If you do blow up, try to get out of the room asap and go calm down, if possible, walk...physical activity uses up my neg. energy.

07/05/2011 07:01 PM
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I'm sorry, that's sounds quite annoying! It may help to have some sort of outlet, like writing or drawing in a journal, or venting to a friend.

Also, I've been told at work to go for a little walk when I get stressed, just to leave the environment. I now notice lots of people do that at work Tongue If you don't feel like walking maybe you could go take a bath or shower, or go out to "run errands".

07/05/2011 08:07 PM
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i often have to isolate myself when my family is around. It keeps me from blowing up at anyone. When I feel like screaming, I just excuse myself and go to my room for a while. The peace and quiet help me calm down enough that I don't lose it.

It makes for a much more pleasant visit. Just keep reminding yourself that they won't be there long, so you can get through it.

Big hugs.


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