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06/11/2011 01:27 PM

Hi everyone, I have a good update

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I stopped taking the seroquel 100 mgs. and bought some sleeping pills from cvs. I feel great, very energetic, and happy. I was so happy that the sleeping pills put me to sleep for ten hours. I worked out today, rode my exercise bike for 10 miles, and started a diet to get this 104 pounds down to 185. I know some people would disagree with me, but being that I've been on meds for 13 years, I feel it is all mind over matter. as long as I do the things I like to do, and work out all my energy, I feel proud of myself, then I have a smile from ear to ear. I don't believe the doctors, when they said I was bi polar. they talk to you for 5 minutes, and put that label on a person. I've seen it done to many people. I hope everyone is doing well, in there journey. see you soon.

06/11/2011 02:16 PM


Interesting post.

The type of therapy you are practicing is called Behavioral Activation. It compares well with cognitive therapy in studies; in fact, it is a focused form of cognitive therapy.

In my own recovery, I choose to use the best ideas from therapy with carefully selected medicines. My reasoning is that medicine gives you a boost, and therapy gives you a boost, therefore the two together can really help. And studies, for what they're worth, suggest that combining them gives you something more like a 2+2=10 effect.

Over the last twelve years, I've collected and tested many ideas from therapy manuals, and I've got a roster of what I think are the best ones. I'd like to build on my recovery a little more and see just how far I can go reducing most drugs (I'll always keep lithium, for the anti-brain damage properties). But I intend to make myself a "black belt" of self therapy techniques before I try that.

The biggest problem is that meds do a better job with mania than therapy, and I am an unpleasant manic. If you find yourself able to ward off mania, I would be eager to learn more about how you do it. PM me anytime. Good luck with your plan. I'll be reading your progress reports.

06/11/2011 05:25 PM
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Hi Mr Rinaldi,

I've tried lots of meds myself and haven't found anything that works. I've stopped my meds too. I've been taking NAC and fish oil and Iodine+ Iodide. I know some people on the boards will disagree with your decision to stop your meds, but I think that you know yourself the best and as long as you are feeling well, thats all that matters. I know that there have been studies that show that working out is just as good (or better) than an antidepressant.

Have you looked into taking vitamins?? Specifically NAC and fish oil?? Both have been shown to help people with bipolar. They also cost like less than $10. A lot cheaper than seroquel. Here's one about NAC

and one about fish oil 110526091758.htm

Just thought it is something you might want to check out. I'm going to a seminar on complementary alternative medicine for the treatment of bipolar at Mass General next Saturday. I'll let you know if I find out anything else. Stay strong and happy!!! Maria

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06/11/2011 08:01 PM

Me again: I'd like to address uncertainone's comment about people opposing going off meds. I think you both have a responsibility not to go on manic benders that do damage and hurt people, and not to end up on public support because you let yourselves deteriorate. If you are doing that OK, then I say stuff what people say.

However, if you start having occasional mood episodes, I would give serious thought to lithium at a therapeutic dose. Here's why: every time you have a serious mood episode, it sets you up for the next one to be worse. I went many years without proper treatment and my episodes went from small time to seriously messed up nightmares. Lithium is a nice choice because it's not as dangerous as most of the others at normal doses, and it helps protect the brain from damage caused by bipolar. Depakote does too, but not as well. With the kind of self-help programs you are doing, it might be all you need to tip things in your favor.

It's my goal to reduce or eliminate meds. I take six now and I worry about the long-term effects. Unfortunately, I get violent manias, so I have to be very careful. My approach is different than yours: I am interested in cognitive techniques that correct the mental malfunctions associated with bipolar. I have depression virtually whipped (though it could overtake me if I am not careful) and am working on a solution to the mania problem. I choose to be cautiously optimistic about what you are doing, and hope to hear the results. Remember, there is no shame in trying and stumbling.

What people here may really be saying when they argue for meds is, Be careful Bipolar is a treacherous disorder. But I think it's possible that a few are saying, "Be on meds like me, so I am validated in my lazy approach to recovery." I'm not trying to insult anyone because I don't think this is intentional. I just know some people are stuck searching for that miracle pill and may never know the feeling of true wellness that you are trying to achieve your way, and I am, my way.

06/12/2011 09:13 AM
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The first thing I did this morning is log into this site, and being that i'm kinda new to the internet, get all caught up in reading post after post with my need for knowledge. I can only say wow, because I didn't know so many things about hypo mania, all different delusions, ups and downs with bi polar, and the list goes on. I just spent 30 minutes reading a web page about all kinds of different delusions, omega 3 fish oil, mice with bi polar who crave alcohol, but did better with fish oil. now I have to be much more discipline with myself, I can see it's all a trick in my head with the tremedous feeling of happiness, and then tremendous feeling af apprehension, or paranoya. I thinki what it all comes down to is I know I suffer from paranoya, and worry, from my bad experiences that I do things to try to make those feelings go away. a couple of beers, takes the fear away. intense frustration can be cured with an orgasm, make love not war kinda thing, instead of getting angry becuz i know that is major damage to the body, and life around me, well make love. I'm off the meds, becuz it only made me sleep, but all the feelings where still there, so why subject my body to toxins. I will go lift some weights to expel bad energy now, and do as someone elsa said try to overcome anxiety with positive thoughts and retrain the mind in the long run. That's the hard way, but the right way.

06/12/2011 09:48 AM

Paranoia can be broken down into two perceptions:

1. That others are out to hurt you.

2. That they have the ability to hurt you.

Sometimes when you break it down into pieces like this it is easier to see your own faulty thinking and banish the paranoid thoughts.

You are doing a good thing by educating yourself as much as possible. The more you know, the better you will get at taking care of yourself. As much as we may wish, no one else is going to do it for you. And that's how it should be, because self-reliance makes you stronger.

You mentioned pills that make you sleep--quite possibly an antipsychotic. Not all of them cause oversleep, so if you ever have to go on a medicine for mania control, ask about one that is less likely to cause that affect.

06/12/2011 11:36 AM
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I always feel 1. others are out to hurt me, becuz of my whole life experience, I learned it comes from early child hood and teenage years of mental and physical abuse from parents. From the research i learned if a parent makes a child feel unworthy, and adds physical abuse on top of that the child learns self doubt and fear of people in general, like the child feels he or she is always less than everyone, and they feel everyone will turn on them in a mental abuse way or physical. It's funny I've been taking care of myself for too long, I have it down to a science to take care of myself only, live alone,pay rent, cook and clean, and stay away from people as much as I can. I want to break out of this real real bad, becuz I genuinly love life and people, and I love myself I think too much, bcuz I will isolate too keep myself from other peoples harm, but that's no way to live at all. I try all the time to join the real world, but a nasty look, or a nasty serice at the grocery store by a young person even will make me tell myself, see just stay home.

06/12/2011 12:02 PM
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Do your have a therapist? Cognitive behavioral therapy can really help you to break out of your current way of living. It can teach you coping skills to help make meeting people and dealing with the world a lot easier for you. It's almost impossible to change on your own. This I know from my own experience.

If you really believe in mind over matter, than it makes sense to give your mind all the tools it needs, right?


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